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The Amazing: Ambulance [Digipak] *

Track List

>Blair Drager
>Through City Lights
>Moments Like These
>Perfect Day for Shrimp

Album Reviews:

Paste (magazine) - "Songs like 'Ambulance' and the lovely 'Floating' drift along on sighing vocal harmonies, interlocking guitar ripples, and a thick undergrowth of strong but understated percussion."

Album Notes

Audio Mixer: Mattias Glavå.

For a set of contemplative rock that brings to mind words like "reverie" and "tapestry," look no further than Ambulance, the Amazing's fourth LP and follow-up to Picture You. It picks up where that album left off, perhaps slightly more introverted in demeanor, but with equally elegant guitar work by their three guitarists. That, along with Christoffer Gunrup's intimate murmur, and tasteful keyboard and drum reinforcement, seems to transport it to a state of suspended twilight. The album's eight tracks were captured live in one room at Stockholm's Buller & Bäng studio with minimal rehearsing. Per usual for the Amazing, who make a habit of not publishing lyrics and refusing to discuss meaning or process, little else was revealed about the work other than that the players relied heavily on improvisation. This is the impression of the title track, which floats over a repeated drum rhythm. Electric guitars and a shimmering blend of vocal effects, piano, and string tones offer little to add to a clear perception of structure before the song fades to a close. However, the album avoids getting lost in a haze of sameness. "Blair Drager" has a distinct groove and eerier guitar effects. The guitar twang on "Floating" accompanies a sweeter melody as well as chord progressions with palpable motion. "Moments Like These" brings acoustic guitar picking to a folkier entry, and "Through City Lights" is almost sparse in comparison to the rest. Still, the Amazing have found a balance to their sound that not only sets them apart, but also presides over the album, even given these variations. The whole work hits like a long-forgotten memory. Fans of Picture You, or of wistful atmosphere in general, will want to dig deep into Ambulance, and, to its credit, will find the room to do so. ~ Marcy Donelson


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