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Tucky Buzzard: The Complete Tucky Buzzard *

Track List

>Suite: Coming On Again, Pt. 1/For Maryse/Over The Hill/Coming On Again, Pt. 2/Believe Me/Here I Am
>You're All Alone
>You Never Will
>Free Ticket
>Lady Fair
>Time Will Be Your Doctor
>Stainless Steel Lady
>Sally Shotgun
>Gu Gu Gu
>My Friend
>Pisces Apple Lady
>She's Meat
>Ace the Face
>Whisky Eyes
>Rolling Cloud
>Mistreating Woman
>(She's A) Striker
>Fill You In
>Need Your Love
>Which Way, When for Why
>Sky Balloon
>Ain't Too Soon
>Can't Live Without It
>Fast Bluesy Woman
>Gold Medallions
>All I Want Is Your Love
>Rainbow Rider
>"Rudi" Movie Star
>Last War
>Who Do You Love
>Run In The Mornin'
>Hanging on in There (Waiting for You to Come)
>Superboy Rock n' Roller '73
>Bo-Bo's Hampton
>Wine and Wimmin
>Superfine Lady
>Near to Me
>Shy Boy


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