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Goblin (Rock): La Via Della Droga

Album Notes

When Cinevox began reissuing the album catalog of Goblin in the late '90s, they also issued some new albums featuring Goblin soundtracks that had never been given a proper release. One of the most interesting albums from this group was La Via Della Droga, the soundtrack to a 1977 Italian crime thriller that chronicled the adventures of an undercover police officer as he infiltrated a European drug ring. The score plays down the horror theatrics that dominated chilling scores like Suspiria and Profondo Rosso in favor of a low-key sound that is reminiscent of a '70s television police drama. Most of the cuts on La Via Della Droga are dominated by stripped-down, funky interplay between the guitar and bass: the main title blends a mid-tempo groove from the rhythm section with a guitar solo reminiscent of David Gilmour, while "La Via Della Droga (Seq. 10)" evokes an intense atmosphere through the percolating interplay between its guitar and basslines. Other cuts push a frantic percussive attack the forefront (the conga-driven "La Via Della Droga (Seq. 11)") or work hypnotic, minimalist synthesizer riffs into the mix to build suspense ("La Via Della Droga (Seq. 2)"). The end result is a tight, tense thriller score that is notably different from the group's more famous scores but can be enjoyed by Goblin fans just the same. ~ Donald A. Guarisco


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