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Harlem Hamfats: Masters of Jazz & Blues: 1936-1944 [Box]

Track List

>Oh! Red
>Lake Providence Blues
>Live and Die for You
>New Oh Red!
>What You Gonna Do
>She's Gone Again
>Let's Get Drunk and Truck
>Move Your Hand
>Sales Tax on It (But Its the Same Thing)
>You Done Tore Your Playhouse Down
>Little Girl
>Southern Blues
>My Garbage Man
>Weed Smokers Dream
>If You Want to Live
>I Feel Like a Millionaire
>Bad Luck Man
>My Daddy Was a Lovin Man
>Shes Trickin Me
>We Gonna Pitch a Boogie [Take A]
>Hamfat Swing
>Who Done It
>Growling Dog
>We Gonna Pitcha Boogie [Take C]
>Keep It Swinging Round and Round
>Ooh-Wee Babe
>I Don't Want You Loving Me
>She's a Mellow Mother for You
>Hallelujah Joe Ain't Preachin No More
>Whats My Baby Doin
>It Was Red
>I Feel Like Going to Town
>Im So Glad
>Jam Jamboree
>Down in Shady Lane
>Im Cuttin Out
>Hoodooin Woman
>I Love That
>My Old Lady Blues
>Baby Don't You Tear My Clothes
>You Drink Too Much
>Empty Bed Blues
>Let Your Linen Hang Low
>If Youre a Viper
>Rosetta Blues
>Its Your Turn
>Lets Fall in Love Again
>Worried Mind Blues
>Tempo De Bucket
>You Got the Devil to Pay
>Times A-Wastin
>Black Gal You Better Use Your Head
>Root Hog or Die
>You Got to Be Satisfied
>Toodle Oo Blues
>Rampart and Gravier Blues
>What's on Your Mind
>Broken Hearted Blues
>We Gonna Move
>Back Door
>You Done Tore Your Pants With Me
>Save Me Some
>Dont Start No Stuff
>Let Me Feel It
>Little Girl
>I'd Rather Be With You
>I'm in So Much Trouble Now
>I Believe I'll Make a Change
>It Will Never Happen Again
>Trading Old Love for New
>Stay on It
>Delta Bound
>You Got to Go When the Wagon Comes
>How Long Baby (Will You Keep Me This Way)
>Harlem Jamboree
>Mellow Little Devil
>Barefoot Boy, The
>Stomp It Out Gate
>Candy Man, The
>Oh Rider
>Stay Away From My Door
>All on Account of You
>You've Had Your Last Good Time With Me
>What Was You Doing
>Something Wrong With My Mind
>Way Down That Lonely Road
>When the Sun Goes Down in Harlem
>That's Going to Ruin Your Beauty Spot
>Bartenders Blues
>Ready for the River
>Rockin Myself to Sleep
>Business Is Gone Away
>You Done Turned Salty on Me
>You Brought Me Everything But Love
>Oh Babe Has Your Money Come
>Take Me in Your Alley
>You Can't Win in Here
>When My Love Has Come Down
>If You Take Me Back
>I'm Through With You
>When You Said Goodbye
>I Love You Baby
>What Will I Do
>Oh Red's Twin Brother
>We Can't Agree
>Lets Try It Again
>I'll Get You Off My Mind
>It Ain't No Lie
>Your Money Can't Buy Me
>I'm Alright Now


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