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Incubus: Light Grenades

Track List

>Kiss to Send Us Off, A
>Anna Molly
>Love Hurts
>Light Grenades
>Earth to Bella, Pt. 1
>Oil and Water
>Diamonds and Coal
>Paper Shoes
>Pendulous Threads
>Earth to Bella, Pt. 2

Album Reviews:

Rolling Stone (p.124) - 3 stars out of 5 -- "The title track bursts from the gates at breakneck speed, turning Incubus into a less-psychotic version of Butthole Surfers..."

Entertainment Weekly (p.82) - "Equally adept at rave-ups and ballads, Incubus even makes their unexpected forays into space-rock work." -- Grade: B+

Q (p.145) - 3 stars out of 5 -- "[T]his is an admirably muscular and direct effort from a band 15 years into their career but showing no signs of fatigue."

Album Notes

A long-awaited break from an aggressive touring cycle afforded Incubus the freedom to hone a set of material that fully realized the band's ever-developing musical vision. Light years from the novelty turntable scratching and rap-rock angst that marked their earlier works, LIGHT GRENADES is an arty and diverse affair. The bass-heavy prog leanings of 2004's A CROW LEFT OF THE MURDER are replaced by a much more meat-and-potatoes rock approach that has become quintessential Incubus.

The album opens with "Quicksand" and sets a crouching-to-pounce tone, only to launch into the bombastic riffing of "A Kiss To Send Us Off." Leadoff single "Anna Molly" drives with tension and urgency, while the group channels Prince on "Diamonds And Coal." LIGHT GRENADES offers up a fair number of ballads, standouts being "Love Hurts" and "Dig." In the interests of dramatic extremes, the fiercely punky title track works climactically, while the two parts of "Earth To Bella" act as a midpoint and denouement for a solid effort.


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