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Exodus: Original Album Collection: Discovering Exodus *

Track List

>Bonded by Blood
>And Then There Were None
>Lesson in Violence, A
>Metal Command
>No Love
>Deliver Us to Evil
>Strike of the Beast
>Til Death Do Us Part
>Brain Dead
>Faster Than You'll Ever Live to Be
>Pleasures of the Flesh
>30 Seconds
>Seeds of Hate
>Choose Your Weapon
>Last Act of Defiance, The
>Fabulous Disaster
>Toxic Waltz, The
>Low Rider (War Cover)
>Cajun Hell
>Like Father, Like Son
>Verbal Razors
>Open Season
>Overdose (AC/DC Cover)
>Fabulous Disaster [Live]
>Chemi-Kill [Live]
>'Til Death Do Us Part [Live]
>Toxic Waltz [Live]
>Cajun Hell [Live]
>Corruption [Live]
>Brain Dead [Live]
>Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap [Live]
>Bonded by Blood [Live]
>Exodus [Live]
>Pleasures of the Flesh [Live]
>And Then There Were None [Live]
>Piranha [Live]
>Seeds of Hate [Live]
>Deliver Us to Evil [Live]
>Brain Dead [Live]
>No Love [Live]
>Lesson in Violence [Live], A
>Impaler [Live]
>Strike of the Beast [Live]


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