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Agnostic Front: Original Album Collection: Discovering Agnostic Front

Track List

>Eliminator, The
>Existence of Hate
>Time Will Come
>Growing Concern
>Your Mistake
>Out for Blood
>Toxic Shock
>Bomber Zee
>Public Assistance
>Shoot His Load
>Liberty & Justice
>Crucial Moment
>Another Side
>Happened Yesterday
>Victim in Pain [Live]
>Public Assistance [Live]
>United Blood [Live]
>Friend or Foe [Live]
>Strength [Live]
>Blind Justice [Live]
>Last Warning [Live]
>Toxic Shock [Live]
>United & Strong [Live]
>Crucified [Live]
>Liberty & Justice [Live]
>Discriminate Me [Live]
>Your Mistake/Victim in Pain [Live]
>Anthem [Live]
>With Time [Live]
>Genesis [Live]
>Pain Song [Live], The
>Fascist Attitudes [Live]
>Eliminator [Live], The
>New Jack
>One Voice
>Tombs, The
>Your Fall
>Over the Edge
>Now & Then
>Crime Without Sin
>Force Feed
>Undertow [Live]
>Your Mistake/Victim in Pain [Live]
>One Voice [Live]
>Infiltrate/Strength [Live]
>United Blood [Extended Version] [Live]
>Public Assistance/Over the Edge [Live]
>Blind Justice/Last Warning [Live]
>Crucified [Live]
>Toxic Shock/United & Strong [Live]
>Fascist Attitudes [Live]
>Anthem/The Eliminator [Live]
>No One Rules
>Final War
>Last Warning
>Friend or Foe
>United Blood
>Discriminate Me
>In Control
>Crucial Changes


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