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Pain of Salvation: Original Album Collection: Discovering Pain of Salvation

Track List

>! (Foreword)
>Welcome to Entropia
>Winning a War
>People Passing By
>Oblivion Ocean
>Void of Her
>To the End
>Plains of Dawn
>Leaving Entropia (Epilogue)
>Spirit of the Land
>Big Machine, The
>New Year's Eve
>Handful of Nothing
>Black Hills
>Shore Serenity
>Inside Out
>In the Flesh
>Morning on Earth
>Her Voices
>King of Loss
>Song for the Innocent
>Perfect Element, The
>Of Two Beginnings
>Ending Theme
>Trace of Blood, A
>This Heart of Mine (I Pledge)
>Rope Ends
>Chain Sling
>Dryad of the Woods
>Remedy Lane
>Waking Every God
>Second Love
>Beyond the Pale
>Brickwork I (Leaving Entropia T5A)
>Brickwork II (This Heart of Mine T5)
>Brickwork III (Song for the Innocent T5)
>Brickwork IV (Brickwork Descend 1)
>Brickwork V (Leaving Entropia T5B)
>Winning a War T5
>Reconciliation T5
>Dryad of the Woods
>Oblivion Ocean T5
>Undertow T5
>Chain Sling
>Brickwork VI (Brickwork Ascend 1)
>Brickwork VII (Brickwork Ascend 2)
>Brickwork VIII (Second Love)
>Brickwork IX (Ashes T5)
>Brickwork X (Brickwork Descend 2)


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