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10cc: I'm Not in Love: The Essential 10cc *

Track List

>I'm Not in Love
>Good News
>Channel Swimmer
>Film of My Love, The
>Don't Hang Up
>Get It While You Can
>How Dare You
>I Wanna Rule the World
>Lazy Ways
>Rock'N'Roll Lullaby
>Things We Do for Love, The
>Don't Squeeze Me Like Toothpaste
>Honeymoon With B Troop
>People in Love
>Second Sitting for the Last Supper [Live], The
>Wall Street Shuffle [Live]
>Waterfall [Live]
>Dreadlock Holiday
>For You and I
>From Rochdale to Ocho Rios
>Nothing Can Move Me
>Reds in My Bed
>Shock On the Tube (Don't Want Love)
>Take These Chains
>It Doesn't Matter At All
>Lovers Anonymous
>Strange Lover
>Don't Turn Me Away
>Power of Love, The
>You're Coming Home Again
>Food for Thought


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