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P.S. Eliot: 2007-2011 [Digipak]

Track List

>We'd Never Agree
>Hail Mary
>Incoherent Love Songs
>Like How You Are
>Tangible Romance
>Cyborg, The
>Sore Subject
>Troubled Medium
>Cross Eyed
>Pink Sheets
>Shitty & Tragic
>Jesus Christ
>Dead Letters
>Mood Ring
>Watch on Mute
>Broken Record [Single Version]
>Cry Uncle [Single Version]
>Acid Flashbacks [Single Version]
>Dark [Single Version]
>Bear Named Otis [Single Version]
>Broken Record [Bike Wreck Demo Version]
>Entendre [Bike Wreck Demo Version]
>Like How You Are [Bike Wreck Demo Version]
>Tonight [Bike Wreck Demo Version]
>Troubled Medium
>Cross Eyed [Demo]
>Incoherent Love Song [Demo]
>Asphalt [Demo]
>Hail Mary [Demo]
>Cry Uncle [Demo]
>Cyborg [Demo]
>Tangible Romance [Demo]
>Jesus Christ [Demo]
>Dead Letters [Demo]
>Bear Named Otis [Demo]
>Untitled [Demo]
>Diana [Demo]
>Watch on Mute [Demo]
>Sore Subject [Demo]
>Zoroaster [Demo]

Album Reviews:

Pitchfork (Website) - "Though in sound they were more pop-punk than riot grrrl, P.S. Eliot was indebted to the sensibilities of acts like Bikini Kill or Sleater-Kinney..."

Album Notes

Liner Note Author: Katie Crutchfield.


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