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Mike & Rich: Expert Knob Twiddlers

Track List

>Mr. Frosty
>Jelly Fish
>Eggy Toast
>Winner Takes All
>Upright Kangaroo
>Giant Deflating Football
>Sound of the Beady Eyes, The
>Bu Bu Bu Ba
>Vodka [Mix 2] - (remix)
>Portamento Gosh
>Brivert & Muonds
>Clissold Bathroom
>Jelly Fish [Mix 2] - (remix)
>Organ Plodder

Album Reviews:

Pitchfork (Website) - "It sounds like two friends who enjoy making music together having some fun and entertaining themselves....Though it's a low-key record that doesn't pretend to be about innovation, EXPERT KNOB TWIDDLERS is interesting as a time capsule."

Clash (magazine) - "[A] celebration of a historic collab that almost certainly wasn't treated as a big deal at the time. The mythology is only strengthened by how tongue in cheek the whole record is."

Album Notes

Mike & Rich: Mike Paradinas, Richard James.

Personnel: Richard James, Mike Paradinas.

The two most popular artists to record for Britain's Rephlex label -- label-founder Richard D. James (Aphex Twin) and Michael Paradinas (æ-Ziq) -- collaborated in 1996 for Expert Knob Twiddlers. Recalling the great Milton Bradley game boxes of the 1970s and '80s, the cover is a picture of James and Paradinas, in suitable low-res, chop-and-paste photos, playing a variant of Connect Four. Inside, the two techno auteurs' music mesh quite well; Paradinas' liquidy funk distortion smoothes out the calculated, almost sterile, experimentation of Aphex Twin. The style-blending, however, cancels out the particular attractions of both artists, and the listener is left with a somewhat bland album. Fans of Aphex and æ-Ziq will be excited, but newcomers should go elsewhere before they dig this deep. ~ John Bush


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