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Superjoint: A Lethal Dose of American Hatred

Album Reviews:

CMJ (7/28/03, p.24) - "...Performs with the stamina of the healthiest, horniest young bucks....a bitter head-trip..."

Album Notes

Superjoint Ritual: Philip Anselmo (vocals, guitar); Kevin Bond (guitar); III (bass); Joe Fazzio (drums); Jimmy Bower.

Producers: Dave Fortman, Superjoint Ritual.

Principally recorded at Balance Productions, New Orleans, Louisiana.

On A LETHAL DOSE OF AMERICAN HATRED, Philip Anselmo and crew further establish themselves as much more than just the Pantera frontman's side-project. True to the band's name, Superjoint Ritual plays it agreeably loose and sloppy, combining the manic thrash of metal-influenced '80s hardcore bands like Agnostic Front, Leeway, and Warzone with the brutally intense vocals of death metal and grindcore.

Though it may seem strange to characterize music this preoccupied with crazed anger and nihilistic alienation as fun-loving, there's a certain element of teenage garage-combo exuberance here that's undeniable; Superjoint Ritual is definitely a band getting back to its roots. It should also be noted that those roots go all the way back to the dawn of American popular music, as the album features Hank Williams III on bass, the country heir having joined the band on bass just after the recording of USE ONCE AND DESTROY.


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