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Madlib: Medicine Show: The Brick [Box]

Track List

>Arraignment (Intro)
>Ode to the Ghetto [OJ Simpson Remix] - (remix)
>Yikes [OJ Simpson Remix] - (remix)
>Lucky Guy
>Pigs [OJ Simpson Remix] - (remix)
>Life Goes By
>Get Bitches [OJ Simpson Remix] - (remix)
>Exclusive, The
>Robbery [OJ Simpson Remix] - (remix)
>Kill 'Em [OJ Simpson Remix] - (remix)
>Paper, The
>I Must Love You [OJ Simpson Remix] - (remix)
>Looking For Trouble
>Young Guns
>My Movement [OJ Simpson Remix] - (remix)
>American Dream & Future [OJ Simpson Remix] - (remix)
>Rio de Janeiro
>Sao Paulo
>Belo Horizonte
>Porto Alegre
>Frontline, The (Liberation)
>Raw Introduction to Afreaka
>African Voodoo Queen (Drama)
>Jungle Soundz, Pt. 1
>Struggle to Unite, The (One Africa)
>Mandingo Swing
>Endless Cold (Lovelost)
>Chant 2
>Afrosound Panorama
>Hunting Theme
>Afritonic, Pt. 1
>Afritonic, Pt. 2
>Spearthrow for Oh No
>Tear Gas and Bullets for Freedom
>Heritage Sip
>Land of the Drum
>Red, Black and Green Showcase
>Warrior's Theme
>African Map Watch
>Street Hustler
>Chant 3
>Show, The (Inner View)
>Brothers and Sisters
>Freedom Play
>African Bounce
>Umi (Life)
>Natural Sound Waves
>Jungle Sounds, Pt. 2
>Mighty Force
>Unika (Outro)
>Bonus A
>Bonus F
>Bonus R
>Bonus I
>Bonus C
>Bonus A (Amanaz)
>What Are the Medical Benefits of Smoking Marijuana?
>What Are the Negative Risks of Smoking It?
>What Alternatives Are There to Smokings?
>Are a Lot of Pesticides on Pot?
>Where Is All This Pot Coming From?
>So What Does the Law Say About These Dispensaries and Their Various Pot Products?
>How Much Pot Am I Allowed to Have at One Time?
>How Do I Get a Prescription?
>Will My Name End Up on Some DEA List?
>Warning (Intro)
>Static Invazion
>Rapper X Radio
>Last Day's Music
>Nothing From Nothing
>Episode VII
>Episode VIII
>Episode IX
>Episode X
>Episode XI
>Episode XII
>Episode XIII
>Episode XIV
>Episode XV
>Episode XVI
>Episode XVII
>Episode XVIII
>Episode XIX
>Episode XX
>Further Adventures of Walkman Flavor
>Episode XXII
>Episode XXIII
>Episode XXIV
>Episode XXV
>Episode XXVI
>Episode XXVII
>Live From Outer Space
>Real Days
>C.D.P. Assassins, Pt. 1
>C.D.P. Assassins, Pts. 2&3
>C.D.P. Assassins, Pt. 4
>C.D.P. Assassins, Pt. 5
>C.D.P. Assassins, Pt. 6
>World Leaders Plan Centralized Power & Remote Brain Control
>It Has Widespread Support
>Predicted 2000 Years Ago
>It's Almost Here
>It Will Happen on 4/20
>How to Avoid Being a Victim
>Its Sudden and Complete Collapse Predicted
>It Is Right on Time
>Real New Order, The
>Steppin' Into Tomorrow (Prelude)
>Electronic Dimensions
>Pretty Eyes
>High Jazz
>Medley: Don't You Worry Bout a Thing [Live At Spear for Moondog]
>Reality or Dream
>Drunk Again
>Funky Butt, Pt. 1
>Space & Time
>Tarzan's Theme
>Nittyville (The Landing)
>So Beautiful (Dues Paid)
>Smoke Theme for Dankery Harv (Interlude)
>Jus' Follow
>Exclusive, The (Bar Scene) - (featuring The Professionals)
>Legalize It (Interlude)
>Sunday Sinema
>What Can U Tell Me - (featuring MED)
>Truth, The (Interlude)
>Red Light Green
>Go There
>Set It Off - (featuring Prime)
>To Promote Illogical Thinking
>To Increase Efficiency of Mentation and Perception
>To Promote the Intoxicating Effect of Alcohol
>Induction of Hypnosis, The
>To Withstand Privation, Torture and Coercion
>To Promote Amnesia
>May Result in Shock and Confusion
>To Produce "Pure" Euphoria
>To Alter Personality Structure
>Sounds of the Studio (Prelude)
>Hold Up
>Handmade Hustle [Instrumental]
>Start Sumthin' (93033) - (featuring Roc C.)
>Thoughts of an Old Flame
>Minze (Come Closer)
>Louder (Blast Your Radio Theme)
>Ride [Nightcoastin' Instrumental], The
>O. G., Pt. 1 [Whirlwind Mix] - (remix)
>O. G., Pt. 2 [Underwater Mix] - (remix)
>Stageridin' [First Demo Double Image Mix] - (remix)
>Love/Hate [Instrumental]
>Loose Girl [Electronic Drunk Demon Version]
>Smoke Break (Whodat?)
>Interview #4080
>Embryo Thought [Instrumental]
>Adventures of Soul Bra and Docta Dick'em, Pt. 1 & 2, The
>Cheaters (Episode #3) - (featuring Poke)
>Interliberation (Interlude)
>Mic Check (Smoke Break II)
>Real Talk
>Sound of Champions [Instrumental], The
>Charlie Hustle
>Girls (Prelude)
>Snakes 101
>Uh (Outro)
>Inspectah Deck's Verse From 7L & Esoteric's "Speaking Real Words"/Rae's Verse From Big Pun's "Fire Water"
>For the Nasty
>Doom's Verse From De La Soul's Roc Co Kane Flow
>Let's Take It Back
>Remixes 2 Intro
>Cross Bronx Expressway
>Caught Up/Love Session
>Ma Dukes
>Y'all Don't Wanna
>Wigflip, The
>Never Change
>Save Me Dear
>Watch Out
>Da Bridge 2001
>Black Boy
>Belly Dancer
>Verse From Diamond D's "Feel It"
>Do It Real Big [Remix] - (remix)
>Run [Remix] - (remix)
>When the Fat Lady Sings [Remix] - (remix)
>What Up Gangsta/Out da Box [Remix] - (remix)
>Get You Some [Remix] - (remix)
>Nothin' Lesser [Remix] - (remix)
>Message From Poet [Remix], A - (remix)
>Pressure [Remix] - (remix)
>(Interlude) 1
>Melody [Remix] - (remix)
>Fuck You [Remix] - (remix)
>Wanna Battle [Remix] - (remix)
>(Interlude) 2
>Out da Box [Remix] - (remix)
>Keep the Fame [Remix] - (remix)
>(Interlude) 3
>Chittlins & Pepsi [Remix] - (remix)
>Get Hype
>(Interlude) 4
>Larger Than Life [Remix] - (remix)
>Sun God [Remix], The - (remix)
>Nas Is Like [Remix] - (remix)
>(Interlude) 5
>Somehow, Someway [Remix] - (remix)
>Jus' Follow [Remix] - (remix)
>(Interlude) 6
>Get By [Remix] - (remix)
>Sick Days [Remix] - (remix)
>(Interlude) 7
>Any Man [Remix]/Closer - (remix)
>(Interlude) 8

Album Notes

At the beginning of 2010, Medicine Show No. 1: Before the Verdict kicked off what was planned to be a monthly 12-volume series from the underground hip-hop producer. Volumes were themed, with reggae, Brazilian pop, jazz, marijuana dispensaries, and rapper Guilty Simpson all figuring into the mix. With only a few delays, the series wrapped up in 2012, with a "secret" No. 13 also seeing release that same year. The Brick collects it all with simple shrink-wrap and no bonuses to speak of, and while the revered Madlib draws the kinds of fans who would have pre-booked every release ahead of time, latecomers get an easy pickup and instant karma overflow when it comes to coolness. Dive in or keep out, but if you like edgy, dense hip-hop productions that billow out of the speakers like the best Indo smoke you've ever exhaled, best to dive in. ~ David Jeffries


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