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Michael Stein (SURVIVE)/Kyle Dixon (S U R V I V E): Stranger Things, Vol. 2 [A Netflix Original Series]

Track List

>Stranger Things: Hopper Sneaks in
>Stranger Things: I Know What I Saw
>Stranger Things: Rolling Out the Pool
>Stranger Things: Over
>Stranger Things: Gearing Up
>Stranger Things: Flickering
>Stranger Things: First Kiss
>Stranger Things: Crying
>Stranger Things: Walking Down the Tracks
>Stranger Things: Where's Barb?
>Stranger Things: Speak of the Devil
>Stranger Things: Danger Danger
>Stranger Things: Tribulations
>Stranger Things: Flashback
>Stranger Things: Kids Two
>Stranger Things: Talking to Australia
>Stranger Things: Night of the Seventh
>Stranger Things: See Any Rain?
>Stranger Things: Coffee & Contemplation
>Stranger Things: Inside the Black Room
>Stranger Things: Starts to Rain
>Stranger Things: Eleven is Gone
>Stranger Things: Time for a 187
>Stranger Things: Something in the House
>Stranger Things: Still Pretty
>Stranger Things: Abilities
>Stranger Things: Tendril
>Stranger Things: They Found Us
>Stranger Things: Bad Men
>Stranger Things: Spiked Bat
>Stranger Things: Making Contact
>Stranger Things: What Do You Know?
>Stranger Things: It's Not My Boy
>Stranger Things: Something in the Wall
>Stranger Things: Let's Go
>Stranger Things: Leap of Faith
>Stranger Things: In Pursuit
>Stranger Things: Breaking and Entering
>Stranger Things: Stranger Things (Extended)

Album Notes

Director: Eric Craig.


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