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Vivaldi: Concertos Nos. 1-4; Roxanna Panufnik: Four World Seasons; "A Violin for All Seasons" / Graham Bradshaw, tibetan singing bowl); David Wright, harpsichord; Tasmin Little, BBC Symphony Orchestra

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>Vivaldi, Antonio : Concerto for Violin in E major, Op. 8 no 1/RV 269 "Primavera"
>Panufnik, Roxanna : Four World Seasons, for violin string orchestra & singing bowl
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Notes & Reviews:

Encapsulating the voluptuous sound of the BBC Symphony Orchestra's strings, Tasmin Little is both the soloist and conductor in this unique coupling: Vivaldi's ever-popular 'Four Seasons' meets Roxanna Panufnik's 'Four World Seasons,' the premiere recording of a set of highly inspirational pieces. As a complete cycle, 'The Four Seasons' offers a set of vivid tableaux, imaginative, enticing, and wonderfully contrasted, with ample chance for the violin soloist to display technique, sensitivity, and color. These are qualities that the British composer Roxanna Panufnik also sought for her own Seasons tribute, Four World Seasons, written for the violinist. Three of the pieces are dedicated to her, while the fourth, 'Autum in Albania,' is dedicated to the memory of Panufnik's father, Polish composer Sir Andrzej Panufnik, who, his daughter says, was born, loved, and died in autumn.

MusicWeb International, 1st November 2016
The addition of Roxanna Panufnik's 'World Seasons' adds to the attraction of this modern-instrument recording of Vivaldi.

BBC Music Magazine, Christmas 2016
Although Tamsin Little isn't a Baroque specialist there is some influence from historically informed performance: rubato is used discreetly, and vibrato, although more present than might be expected from an 'authentic' performance, is subtly varied... these are engaging performances, captured in warm but detailed sound.

Gramophone Magazine, December 2016
These are modern-instrument performances of Vivaldi with a big symphonic string section. And if you haven't already run screaming for your Fabio Biondi or La Serenissima sets, you're going to enjoy this disc a lot...Panufnik has written a really effective response to Vivaldi, ideally tailored to Little's artistry.

Notes & Reviews:

Recording information: Church of St Jude-on-the-Hill, Hampstead Garden Suburb, (01/04/2016-01/06/2016).


Come for the Vivaldi, stay for the Panufnik
It's an interesting program, coupling Vivaldi's "Four Seasons" with Roxanna Panufnik's modern take on the same subject. And it's one that works very well. The connective thread is the talent of violinist Tasmin Little.

Little's performance of the "Four Seasons" with the BBC Symphony Orchestra is a spirited one. Her solo work is beautifully crafted as always. In the over-crowded field of "Four Season" recordings, this one definitely rises to the top. As a conductor, Little keeps things moving along without sounding rushed.

Of greater interest (for me) was Roxanna Panufnik's "Four World Seasons." Little and Panufnik are long-time friends as well as collaborators.

Each movement of Panufnik's work not only represents a different season but a different part of the world. The first movement, "Autumn in Albania," is perhaps the most personal. As she notes, her father -- Polish composer Andrej Panufnik -- "was born, loved, and died in autumn." The music is infused with Slavic folk idioms, while at the same time sounding fresh and contemporary.

The other three movements were written for Tasmin Little and, as expected, showcase her strengths as a performer. There's plenty of opportunity for technical brilliance, which Little accomplishes with ease. Of greater importance is the melodic content, which Little delivers with sensitivity and beauty.

If you like Yo-Yo Ma's Silk Road Ensemble, you should enjoy "Four World Seasons." Panufnik skillfully incorporates native musical languages into the work to really give the listener a strong sense of place.

"Tibetan Winter" features a Tibetian singing bowl, for example. "Indian Summer" uses the violin performance practices of Northern India. "Spring in Japan" has the strings mimic the delicacy of the koto. It's a beautifully crafted work and one that reveals more details with each listening -- especially through an SACD player.

By all means, come for the Vivaldi. But if you're like me, you'll stay for the Panufnik.
Submitted on 02/13/17 by RGraves321 
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>Vivaldi, Antonio : Concerto for Violin in E major, Op. 8 no 1/RV 269 "Primavera"
  • Performers: Tasmin Little (Violin); David Wright (Harpsichord); David Wright (Harpsichord)
  • Conductor: Tasmin Little
  • Ensemble: BBC Symphony Orchestra
  • Notes: Church of St Jude-on-the-Hill, Hampstead Garden Suburb, London NW11 (01/04/2016-01/06/2016)
  • Running Time: 39 min. 4 sec.
  • Period Time: Baroque
  • Form: Concerto
  • Written: 1725

>Panufnik, Roxanna : Four World Seasons, for violin string orchestra & singing bowl
  • Performer: Tasmin Little (Violin)
  • Conductor: Tasmin Little
  • Notes: Church of St Jude-on-the-Hill, Hampstead Garden Suburb, London NW11 (01/04/2016-01/06/2016)
  • Running Time: 21 min. 23 sec.
  • Period Time: Contemporary
  • Form: Concerto
  • Written: 2007-2011