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Hagevatron/Yonathan Gabai Ensemble/Effi Netzer: Dances From Israel

Track List

>Sh'tu Ha'adarim (Water/Feed the Herds)
>Korim Lanu Lalechet (They Call Us to Go)
>Laila, Laila (Night, Night)
>Debka Gilboa (A Dance From Gilboa)
>Shalom Al Israel (Peace Be Upon Israel)
>Hora Chedera (Town of Chedera)
>HaGevatron: Mi Ha'Ish (Who Is the Man)
>Zemer Lach (Your Song)
>HaGevatron: Emek Sheli (My Valley)
>HaGevatron: Hora Scharchoret (A Dizzy Hora)
>Shir Same'ach (A Happy Song)
>HaGevatron: Yam Ha'shibolim (The Sea of Wheat)
>Lech, Lech La'midbar (Go, Go to the Desert)
>HaGevatron: Ho Artzi Moladeti (Oh My Land, My Birthplace)
>Va'yiven Uziyahu (And Uziyahu Built)
>Eretz, Eretz (Land, Land)
>Va'yenilau D'vash (He Fed Him Honey)

Album Remarks & Appraisals:

This fun release features both old and new songs and dances from Israel, presented with energy and enthusiasm by Gevatron and by Effi Netzer and Yonathan Gabay. The music is from modern Israel, from the Kibbutz and with Eastern European, Mediterranean and Arabic influence. The Gevatron are representatives of Israeli folk music and songs of the good and lovely Israel. The group was established in 1948, and has since been composed of members of the Kibbutz and its surrounding area. Effi Netzer is a musician, composer, and music director. Choreographer Yonathan Gabay was one of the pillars of Israeli dancing, who passed away in 2011. He left us with a legacy of unforgettable Israeli dances.

Album Notes

Liner Note Authors: Mike Tabor; Ivor Goldberg.


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