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Liu Gui-Lian/Red Chamber/Moshe Denburg/Traditional: Classical & Contemporary Chinese Music

Album Remarks & Appraisals:

Mei Han is one of the world's foremost zheng artists, and her groundbreaking virtuosity has propelled the traditional Chinese instrument into the modern era with new dimensions of musical expression. The music on this release is deeply rooted in centuries of Chines culture. Han transforms this stately instrument into a contemporary tool suitable for a consort stage. Han tours around the globe with other leading artists, and performs alongside chamber ensembles, new music ensembles, and symphonies. "Han is an ethnomusicologist as well as a virtuoso, so it's perhaps natural that she should excel in bringing China's ancient repertoire to life... " (Georgia Straight) "Reinventing Tradition- a foremost zheng virtuoso broadens the scope of her ancient Chinese instrument to embrace Asian, Western, composed, and freely improvised music." (Musicworks)


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