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Danielle Pauly/Hassan Erraji/Struber/Traditional: Worlds Away: Chants from 33 Countries & Island Communities

Track List

>Sudan Hadandua Love Song
>Wedding Celebrations From Egypt
>Moroccan Oud Solo-Badru Zuhur
>Tuvinian Overtone Singing
>Kurdistan Whirling Dervishes
>Public Domain
>Lucioles: Accordion Waltz From France
>Sephardic Song From Spain
>Hungarian Vlach Gypsies
>Bulgarian Song: Mari Maro
>Sardinian Male Quartet
>Norwegian Hardanger fiddle
>Ashkenazi Song From Germany
>Albanian Song: Albanians Forever
>Japanese Koto & Flute: Haru no umi
>Rajasthani Song: Kotal Ghurhlo
>Chinese Ensemble: Fishing Song
>Tibetan Love Song: Shaglen
>North Indian Thumri in Raga Bhairavi
>Arabic Song: Redili Guelbi
>Israeli Chassidic Melody No.24
>Brazil: The Mehinacu
>Andes: Oasis (Caliche)
>Tonga: Tau'a'alo
>Samoa: Chiefs and Orators Sasa
>Papua New Guinea: Misa Yaroma Wewak
>Polynesia (Rapa Iti): Himene Tarava
>Polynesia (Tuvalu): Funafuti Chorus
>New Zealand: Haka Maori Welcome
>Polynesia (Easter Is.:) Kai Kai
>Micronesia (Chuuk): Ordination Song
>Polynesia (Tahiti): Himene Tarava
>Polynesia (Bora Bora): Himene Nota

Album Remarks & Appraisals:

This release features music from 33 countries and island communities from around the world. Egypt, China, Israel, Papua New Guinea are just a few. This album has music from ceremonies and rituals that most people have never heard music for such as: a Chiefs and Orators Sasa, Sundan Love Songs, Tuvinian Overtone Singing and many more.


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