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Silvestro Sabatelli: Svegliare l'Aurora, music for accordion and ensemble / Didonna; Palazzo; Salvemini; Filarmonica Pugliese; Ensemble Dvorak

Notes & Reviews:

Although the first patent was filed in Vienna in 1829, by the manufacturer of organs and pianos Cyrill Demian, the accordion is an instrument of more ancient conception. The discovery of a Leonardo Da Vinci Code would anticipate three centuries of its conception, on the basis of that portative organ (a portable organ) that had a big circulation in Europe between the thirteenth and fifteenth centuries in the practice of polyphonic music. Apparently distant, organ and accordion are based on a common principle: both feed a bellows, which is its heart. Just like the organ, the accordion is an aerophone. His bellows inhales and exhales, pants, snorts, sighs, and sometimes holds its breath. He plays and meanwhile warms with his breath. Silvestro Sabatelli has therefore decided to transform it into the breath of Don Tonino Bello.


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