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Marco Quagliarini: Riflesso

Notes & Reviews:

Is it really possible to express a thought through music? And even if it is possible, would one be able to communicate it completely and transmit its real essence? From this expressive need Marco Quagliarini's music is born. It shows his conflict as a contemporary man, shown by that of the sonic material and its structure. Quagliarini's attempt to investigate the expressive capacity of language brings about a creative result that is a juxtaposition to its origin. Marco Quagliarini is the author of the book 'Costruire la Musica' published by Aracne, a book dealing with structural technique and the set theory by Allen Forte in his 'The Structure of Atonal Music'. The novelty of 'Costruire la Musica' is to transform an analytic technique into a compositional tool: the knowledge of this material sparks the composer's creative possibilities. Even without going into technical details, it is nonetheless fundamental to highlight the principle that enables such a change of view point: the analogy. Thus the composer faces a 'new freedom of language', a world of sounds bound by proportion of analogy and strong or weak simile. As the words used by a poet, not being literal translation of a thought; or colours for a painter, not just an imitation of nature; sound is now connected to the sphere of perception and goes beyond the sphere of senses and rational understanding.


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