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Ricardo Rubio: Guitarra Latinoamerica

Track List

>Adios nonino
>Milonga de la otra orilla
>El Choclo
>Milonga del 900
>Alfonsina y el mar
>Suite populaire brésilienne, W 20: no 2, Schottish Chôro
>Valses (6) venezolanos for Guitar: no 6, Angostura
>Waltzes (6) for Guitar, Op. 8: no 3 in A minor
>De la prima a la bordona (Gato)
>Preludio y Danza
>Suite populaire brésilienne, W 20: no 3, Waltz Chôro
>Valses (6) venezolanos for Guitar: no 1, El marabiño
>Tempo de Criança

Album Notes

Latin America has changed the way we listen to guitar. Ricardo Rubio mines the wealth of this cultural connection on this collection of dances. Performed as duets with Marisa Rostom, the works are intimate, faithful interpretations of Latin American classics.

Astor Piazzolla is the godfather of the tango and his piano compositions have inspired many arrangements. The two guitars make for a sweet and delicate version: the instruments dance together rather than providing music to which others dance. The unusual rhythm of 'Adios nonino' doubles the traditional 2/4 time to 4/8, giving the music a more European-classical feel. Compared to Angel Villoldo's more traditional tango 'El Choclo,' Piazzolla's piece has a refinement characteristic of a master's touch.

In addition to the tango, Rubio performs milangas, chôros, and other Latin American dances. His guitar possesses a flair for the dance, no matter the style. The instrument doesn't inflate the music with its own importance, but revels in the simple, true beauty of the music as written.


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