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Evan Ziporyn: Amok!, Tire Fire

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>Tire Fire

Album Remarks & Appraisals:

"'Gamelan Galak Tika'...refers to a gamelan ensemble founded...by cross-over composer...Ziporyn...Devotees of East-West fusion and world music will want to grab this state-of-the-art recording...The music is continuous and highly rhythmic; it tinkles, chimes, rumbles, and raps, its minimal but oddly colorful sounds fading in and out, occasionally rising to ecstatic crescendos...It's all fascinating and exotic. Who knows? it could turn out to be important." -Sullivan, ARG

Album Notes

Evan Ziporyn is omniscient in the avant-garde music scene, as his compositions tend to evoke more questions than answers as to what exactly he can't do. His unclassifiable musical language only reinforces the notion that he has any sort of musical identity. Being an ardent enthusiast of new music, Ziporyn never assumed the role of having a first language in music, rather opting for the influences of classical, jazz, and pop music in his molding as composer/performer. His love for the Balinese Gamelan, like so many North American composers, was fueled by the advent that new works could be composed with the use of non-traditional elements to become an extension of American music on its own. His GAMELAN GALAK TIKA offers a co-existence between musical and cultural offerings from both the East and West. Utilizing such non-traditional instruments as the double bass, and a sampler, his 'Amok' is filled with rhythmic metallophones, soaring bamboo flutes, and gongs that pacify our ears. Having added sonorities that are unusual to this instrumentation, Ziporyn has created a sound that is strangely modern albeit having used traditional instruments. 'Tire Fire' reminds us of the depth of cultural differences, using electric guitars amidst the dissonant clash of the Gamelan's non-tempered scales. This is truly a portrait of cultural possibility at it's best.


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