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Various Artists: Harps, Pipes & Fiddles

Track List

>Temple Hill Reel/Temple Hill Jigs: Temple Hill Reel / Temple Hill Jig - Ann Heymann
>Leslie's March - Alison Kinnaird
>Charles O'Conor/Father Hanly: Charles O'Connor / Father Hanly - Máire Ní Chathasaigh/Maire Ni Chathasaigh
>I Long for Thy Virginitie/The Canaries: I Long For Thy Virginitie / The Canaries - Rowallen Consort/The Rowallan Consort
>Tuireadh Iain Ruaidh (The Lament for Red-Haired - Alison Kinnaird/The Battlefield Band :: Lament For Redhaired Iain - Alison Kinnaird/The Battlefield Band
>Miss Hamilton - Ann Heymann
>Blackhall Rocks - Ged Foley/The Battlefield Band
>Barabel Phadruig/Donald Willie and His Dog/Donald Willie and His Dog: Barabel Phadruig :: Patrick's Annabel / Donald Willie And His Dog / The Price Of The Pig - Dr. Angus Macdonald
>John Anderson, My Jo/Roxburgh Castle/Braw Lads O'Jethart/Kelso Lasses: John Anderson My Jo / Roxburgh Castle / The Braw Lads O' Jethart - Gordon Mooney/Barbara Mooney
>Nine European Dance Tunes - Dougie Pincock/Douglas Pincock/Iain MacDonald/P/M Iain MacDonald
>The Friendly Piper/The Black Isle/Abbieville: The Friendly Piper / The Black Isle / Abbieville - Shotts & Dykehead
>The Swallow-Tailed Coat/Turf Lodge: The Swallowtailed Coat / Turf Lodge - Burgess, John/John D. Burgess
>Tending the Steer/Sandy Thompson/The Calrossie Cattle Wife: Tending The Steer / Sandy Thompson / The Calrossie Cattle Wife - Duncan MacGillivray/The Battlefield Band
>Chapel Keithack - Alison Kinnaird/Aly Bain
>The Sidewalk Reels (Cold Frosty Morning/Yankee Dollar/The Trip to ...): Cold Frosty Morning / Yankee Dollar / The Trip To Marblehead - Brian McNeill
>Bobby/Bag of Plums: Bobby / Bag Of Plums - Ian Carr/John McCusker
>Murray River/Saratoga/Mary Clare's Reel (Marie Fieldin's Favourites): Murray River Jig / Saratoga / Mary Clare's Reel - Marie Fielding/Jim Johnstone & His Band
>The Laird O'Brodie/Danzig Willie/The Merchant's Jig: The Laird O' Brodie / Danzig Willie - Alison Kinnaird/The Battlefield Band/Brian McNeill/Battlefield
>The New Year's in/Youghal Quay: The New Year In / Youghal Quay - Vincent Griffin/Geraldine Carrig
>William Ritchie Esq/Hugh McKenna's Reel: William Ritchie Esq. / Hugh McKenna's Reel - Fiddlers 5

Album Reviews:

CMJ (8/28/00, p.27) - "...Features Scotch-Irish music that stretches back for centuries played on the title's instruments....Temple is the preeminent label in the field..."

Album Notes

Recording information: Temple Records Studio.

Arrangers: Dougie Pincock; Barbara Mooney; Robert Mathieson; Gordon Mooney; Iain MacDonald; Maire Ni Chathasaigh; Marie Fielding; Alison Kinnaird; P; Ann Heymann; The Battlefield Band; Brian McNeill .


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