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Robert F. Bates: Viaticum: A Journey of the Mind, Body & Soul

Track List

>Prelude I: Trivium
>Pythagoras: Annum Per Annum
>Pythagoras (Continued)
>Heraclitus: Orpheus and the Winged Creatures
>Hercalitus (Continued)
>Hercalitus (Continued)
>Hercalitus (Continued)
>Philosophers of Miletus: Les Feux du Silence, The
>Philosphers of Miletus, The (Continued)
>Democritus: Ricercare
>Democritus (Continued)
>Plato: Le Jardin Suspendu
>Plato (Continued)
>Plotinus: Birthday Tribute
>Plotinus (Continued)
>Prelude II: Trivium
>Beginning of the Universe: Coulée
>Beginning of the Universe (Continued)
>Stars: Lumiére, The
>Stars, The (Continued)
>Emergence of Life: Coalescence
>Emergence of Life (Continued)
>Cambrian Explosion: Gavotte Primitive, The
>Cambrian Explosion, The (Continued)
>Creatures of Land and Air: Les Oiseaux et Les Sources
>Creatures of Land and Air (Continued)
>Fool, Fool: Ikarus
>Fool, Fool (Continued)
>Worlds Beyond: Time Machine
>Worlds Beyond (Continued)
>Harmony of the Universe: Harmonies
>Harmony of the Universe (Continued)
>Prelude III: Trivium
>Cortege and Descent: Danse Funébre
>Cortega and Descent (Continued)
>Journey to the Other Side: Charon's Oar
>Journey to the Other Side (Continued)
>Entry: Hades' Realm
>Entry (Continued)
>Trial: Last Judgment
>Trial (Continued)
>Ascent to the Light: Ascent
>Ascent to the Light (Continued)
>Release: In Paradisum
>Release (Continued)
>Journey's End: Trivium
>Journey's End (Continued)

Album Notes

This selection includes narration by Alan Wiemann.

Recording information: 01/23/2000-01/28/2000.

Editor: Roger Sherman.


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