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William de Fotis: Satire Is Serious Business

Track List

>Some of My Best Friends Are Women
>How many times had we found ourselves mouthing received opinions, using the language of oppression,
>Happy Earth Day
>Family Values
>e.e. cummings bagatelles
>Sex in Space
>Don't dare call me a lefty
>Continuous Showing
>What's in A minor Name? - U.N. Style
>Currency Crisis
>We Won the Cold War
>You'd Better Not
>P.C. Tango, The
>In the Cracks
>Piece for Flute and Tape
>Election Ballad
>Televangelists in the Closet
>Honey, It Ain't Postmodern (to Be Hankering for You))
>Breaking Up Immediately Recognizable Units of Significance Is Hard to Do
>Poem After
>Quartet for Strings


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