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Various Artists: Music from the Once Festival 1961-1966

Track List

>Sonata for Piano
>Trio for Strings
>Epigram and Evolution
>In the Autumn Mountains: God save
>Pieces (2) for Piano and Chamber Group
>Fourth of July, The
>Matrix for Clarinetist - (studio)
>Meanwhile, A Twopiece
>Sounds for Eleven
>Gestures 2
>Bestiary I "Eingang" - (German)
>Details (2b)
>Ballad for Flute, Violin and Piano
>Large Size Mograph 1962
>Quarter of Fourpiece, A
>Two Worlds
>Pianopieces: Pianopiece I
>Pianopieces: Cassiopeia
>Pianopieces: Pianopiece II
>Portrait for Vanzetti, A
>Music for Clocks
>Landscape Journey
>Advance of the Fungi
>In memoriam...Crazy Horse
>Music for Three
>Time on Time in Miracles
>Apple Box Concerto
>Quartet for 6 Speakers, Clarinet and 2 Horns
>In the Autumn Mountains: My girl and I sleep
>In the Autumn Mountains: When I left my girl

Album Notes

Music from the Once Festival 1961-1966 is the only recording of compositions from this legendary festival that presented the newest in avant-garde music, film and dance from 1961-1968. Contains: Gordon Mumma "Music from the Venezia Space Theatre," Robert Ashley "Crazy Horse Symphony," George Cacioppo "Time on Time in Miracles," and Donald Scarvarda "Landscape Journey." ~ "Blue" Gene Tyranny


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