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The Film Music of Sir Arnold Bax / Gamba, BBC PO

Audio Samples

  1. Bax — Oliver Twist: Prelude: Lento Moderato $0.99 on iTunes
  2. Bax — Oliver Twist: The Storm: Con Vivo $0.99 on iTunes
  3. Bax — Oliver Twist: Picking Oakum: Poco Lento $0.99 on iTunes
  4. Bax — Oliver Twist: Oliver Asks for More: Allegro Moderato e Feroce $0.99 on iTunes
  5. Bax — Oliver Twist: Oliver Sent to Bed Among the Coffins: Moderato $0.99 on iTunes
  6. Bax — Oliver Twist: Oliver As Funeral Mute: Molto Energico $0.99 on iTunes
  7. Bax — Oliver Twist: Death of Mrs. Thingummy: Lento $0.99 on iTunes
  8. Bax — Oliver Twist: The Fight: Allegro $0.99 on iTunes
  9. Bax — Oliver Twist: Oliver Meets the Artful Dodger: Allegro Moderato $0.99 on iTunes
  10. Bax — Oliver Twist: Pickpocketing: Allegretto Semplice $0.99 on iTunes
  11. Bax — Oliver Twist: The Chase: Allegro Vivace $0.99 on iTunes
  12. Bax — Oliver Twist: Oliver Faints In Court: Tempo Rubato $0.99 on iTunes
  13. Bax — Oliver Twist: Comic Panic: Allegro $0.99 on iTunes
  14. Bax — Oliver Twist: Oliver At Play: Poco Lento - Allegretto Semplice $0.99 on iTunes
  15. Bax — Oliver Twist: The Portrait $0.99 on iTunes
  16. Bax — Oliver Twist: Wanted for Murder: Moderato - Lento $0.99 on iTunes
  17. Bax — Oliver Twist: Finale [original]: Moderato Brillante $0.99 on iTunes
  18. Bax — Oliver Twist: Finale [alternative]: Moderato Brillante $0.99 on iTunes
  19. Bax — Malta GC, Part II: Gay March: Quick March Tempo $0.99 on iTunes
  20. Bax — Malta GC, Part II: Quiet Interlude: Allegretto $0.99 on iTunes
  21. Bax — Malta GC, Part II: Work and Play: Moderato Molto Energico - Allegretto Semplice - Allegretto Scherzando - Moderato Tranquillo - Vivo $0.99 on iTunes
  22. Bax — Malta GC, Part II: March: Lento Ma Non Troppo - Allegro - Moderate March Tempo $0.99 on iTunes

Album Summary

>Bax, Arnold [Composer] : Oliver Twist, film score
>Bax, Arnold [Composer] : Malta GC, film score
Performers Conductor Ensemble
  • >

Notes & Reviews:

"Bax wrote only two film scores, and although he found the form uncongenial and his music suffered at the hands of the directors, they were highly successful. And, through suites and recordings, they were among the most widely disseminated music of his later years. Gamba and the BBC Philharmonic turn in one of the most powerful performances they have achieved in this series." - Calum MacDonald, BBC

Notes & Reviews:

Personnel: Paul Janes (piano).

Recording information: Studio 7, New Broadcasting House, Manchester, England (09/24/2002/09/25/2002).

This recording was first reported about on the Internet in 2002, and finally showed up in the waning weeks of 2003. Sir Arnold Bax (1883-1953) came to film music relatively late, at age 59, and produced two soundtracks during the final 11 years of his life. Though he had intended to retire at the outset of the 1940s, Bax found new stimulus from a request from Muir Mathieson, the conductor and movie music director, to write the score for the patriotic documentary short Malta, GC, which told of the island's resistance to Axis air attacks during the first three years of World War II. Bax had spent most of his life writing for the concert hall and found the project not to his liking -- it was music generated solely by an outside source of inspiration, and though in the end he turned in a much-loved score, he never took to film-related work in the manner of his decade-older contemporary Ralph Vaughan Williams (who, in his seventies, generated a whole symphony -- his seventh -- inspired by the subject behind a film assignment). In 1947, Bax was again engaged to do a soundtrack, this time for David Lean's Oliver Twist -- this proved to be his magnum opus in the genre, an hour's worth of finely crafted, lively, clever, and almost all memorable music. Ironically, because of a two-year delay in releasing the movie in America and heavy cuts made in the movie when it did finally open (all because of Alec Guinness' portrayal of Fagin), audiences in the United States didn't get to hear Bax's music (or see the movie) intact until the 1970s. This CD marks the first presentation of Bax's complete composition for Oliver Twist, rescued from the actual movie recordings and the concert suite assembled by Mathieson -- this is film music written on a level that American soundtrack music seldom ever approached, closer in spirit to Bax's concert works than to any plain description of the screen action.

With the string harmonics, the tumultuous wind and reed writing, and the running scales on the strings for The Storm, listeners are plunged into a body of music that stands on its own. There are moments in which certain visuals from the movie do come to mind, such as the pompous march associated with Mr. Bumble in Oliver Asks for More; Oliver Meets the Artful Dodger, with its music evoking the majesty and the sad irony-laced visuals of London's rotting tenements with St. Paul's Cathedral in the background; Fagin's Romp, a delightfully bizarre burlesque of the fast movement from Mahler's Symphony No. 9, depicting the thieves' mentor's antics as a teacher (this was a section long missing, along with its film sequence, from American prints); and The Chase, with its running scales for the strings (and ultimately most of the rest of the orchestra) in which Oliver is pursued by the mob of people after one of Fagin's boys botches a pickpocketing attempt. But just as often, the score, including such pieces as Oliver at Mr. Brownlow's House, Oliver at Play, and The Portrait, could easily have come out of the composer's symphonic poems or concerti; the entire body of work is a very full, richly melodic, and finely orchestrated feast for the ear. The second half of Bax's score for Malta, GC is also represented, and all of the music is worthwhile. The conducting of the BBC Philharmonic by Rumon Gamba is generally to be praised for bringing out the detail and richness of the score, though it seems that Gamba also pushes the tempos a little too fast -- this is music, especially in Fagin's Romp, that ought to be allowed to breathe a bit, and the conductor seems to have pushed some of the score faster than the movie ever demanded. Still, the playing is impeccable, and anyone who enjoys classic orchestral soundtrack music will have to own this CD. The annotation is very thorough as well, though it fails to explain how Bax was persuaded, after his experience with the documentary, to do the feature film. ~ Bruce Eder


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>Bax, Arnold [Composer] : Oliver Twist, film score
  • Performers: BBC Philharmonic Orchestra; Rumon Gamba; Paul Janes (Piano)
  • Conductor: Rumon Gamba
  • Running Time: 1 min. 54 sec.
  • Period Time: Modern
  • Written: 1948

>Bax, Arnold [Composer] : Malta GC, film score
  • Performers: BBC Philharmonic Orchestra; Rumon Gamba
  • Conductor: Rumon Gamba
  • Running Time: 1 min. 24 sec.
  • Period Time: Modern
  • Written: 1942