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Roger Doyle: Roger Doyle: Charlotte Corday and the Lament of Louis XVI; Passades, Vol. 1

Track List

>Charlotte Corday and the Lament of Louis XVI: Charlotte Corday
>Charlotte Corday and the Lament of Louis XVI: The Lament of Louis XVI
>Passades, Volume 1: Opening
>Passades, Volume 1: First Set
>Passades, Volume 1: Second Set
>Passades, Volume 1: Third Set
>Passades, Volume 1: Fourth Set
>Passades, Volume 1: Closing

Album Remarks & Appraisals:

Charlotte Corday and the Lament of Louis XVI was commissioned to celebrate the bicentennial of the French Revolution. It received its first performance at the Festival Synthese in Bourges on June 12, 1989 and includes a recreation of the sound of an imaginary parade passing through the streets of Paris 200 years ago, when Louis XVI was on his way to the guillotine. The drum rolls become machine guns, which later become the revving of a motorbike in modern Paris, with the ghost of a horse-drawn carriage passing through the streets at the end.

Working with the creative possibilities of music software that captures sounds like a freeze-frame, making sound movement stop, or go forwards or backwards slowly, Doyle began composing the Passades in early 2002. A passade is an equestrian term meaning "to move backwards and forwards over the same space." Seeing great possibilities of exploring this technique in detail, he continued to work on the Passades until there were three hours of them spread over three volumes, culminating in The Ninth Set in 2007.

Album Notes

Liner Note Author: Roger Doyle.

Photographer: Colm Henry.


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