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Robert Hughes (Conductor): Ego Scriptor Cantilenae: The Music of Ezra Pound [Slipcase]

> Le Testament de Villon - Brothel Music
> Le Testament de Villon - Dictes moy
> Le Testament de Villon - Ha, vieillesse felonne et fiere
> Le Testament de Villon - Dame du ciel
> Le Testament de Villon - Pere Noe
> Le Testament de Villon - Freres humains
> Fiddle Music First Suite - I. —
> Fiddle Music First Suite - II. —
> Fiddle Music First Suite - III. —
> Fiddle Music First Suite - IV. —
> Fiddle Music First Suite - V. —
> Fiddle Music First Suite - VI. —
> Al poco giorno - Al poco giorno
> Cavalcanti - Poi che di doglia
> Cavalcanti - Sol per pieta
> Cavalcanti - Gianni quel Guido
> Cavalcanti - Tos temps serai
> Cavalcanti - Ailas
> Cavalcanti - Quando di morte
> Cavalcanti - Perch'io non spero
> Frottola - Frottola
> Collis O Heliconii - Collis O Heliconii: Carmen LXI
> aliter - aliter

Track List

>Testament de François Villon, opera in 1 act: Brothel Music, Le
>Testament de François Villon, opera in 1 act: Dictes moy, Le
>Testament de François Villon, opera in 1 act: Hëaulmiere's Aria. Ha, vieillesse felonne et fiere, Le
>Testament de François Villon, opera in 1 act: Dame du ciel, Le
>Testament de François Villon, opera in 1 act: Pere Noé, Le
>Testament de François Villon, opera in 1 act: Freres humains, Le
>Fiddle Music, first suite for solo violin: [Part 1]
>Fiddle Music, first suite for solo violin: [Part 2]
>Fiddle Music, first suite for solo violin: [Part 3]
>Fiddle Music, first suite for solo violin: [Part 4]
>Fiddle Music, first suite for solo violin: [Part 5]
>Fiddle Music, first suite for solo violin: [Part 6]
>Al poco giorno, for solo violin
>Cavalcanti, opera in 3 acts: Poi che di doglia
>Cavalcanti, opera in 3 acts: Sol per pietà
>Cavalcanti, opera in 3 acts: Gianni quel Guido
>Cavalcanti, opera in 3 acts: Tos temps serai
>Cavalcanti, opera in 3 acts: Ailas
>Cavalcanti, opera in 3 acts: Quando di morte
>Cavalcanti, opera in 3 acts: Perch'io non spero
>Frottola, for solo violin
>Collis O Heliconii (Carmen LXI), for baritone, violin & bassoon: Carmen LXI
>aliter, for solo violin

Album Remarks & Appraisals:

Ezra Pound (1885-1972) was one of the most colorful and controversial figures in American literature. Born in Hailey, Idaho, he eventually founded the Imagist movement of modern poetry, which opposed representational art in favor of abstract forms. Although best known for his abstract, difficult, sometimes impenetrable poetry, Pound was also a composer, and this CD offers the only available recordings of many of his works, authorized by his family and publisher.

Album Notes

Personnel: Thomas Buckner (vocals); Sandra Bush, Tommy Jenkins, Michael Bannett (soprano); David Cox, Marco Camastra (baritone); John MacAllister (bass baritone); Nathan Rubin (violin); Ami Radunskaya, Emil T. Miland (cello); Michelle Caimotto (flute); Thomas Nugent, Robin May (English horn); Carla Wilson, Greg Barber (bassoon); Don Benham, Norman Peck, Daniel Livesay (trombone); Jerome Neff, Jack Pereira, John Foreman, Ward Spangler (percussion).

Liner Note Authors: Robert Hughes ; Margaret Fisher; Charles Amirkhanian.

Recording information: Bay Records, Berkeley, CA (??/??/1971-03/23/2001); Bay Records, Oakland, CA (??/??/1971-03/23/2001); Fantasy Studios, Berkeley, CA (??/??/1971-03/23/2001); Herbst Theatre, San Francisco, CA (??/??/1971-03/23/2001); Holland Festival, Utrecht, The Netherlands (??/??/1971-03/23/2001); Lyon's Concert Hall, University Of York (??/??/1971-03/23/2001); Nuovo Teatro Communale, Bolzano, Italy (??/??/1971-03/23/2001).

Editor: Robert Hughes .

Photographers: Robert Hughes ; Mary DeRachewiltz; Lisa Kohler ; John Fago; Carol Law; Don Bannett; Marjorie Franklin; Charles Mundye; David Cox; M. Fisher; Steve Savage; Charles Amirkhanian.

Translators: Charles Martin; Ezra Pound.


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