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50 Short Films from the 1000 Masterworks Series - From Durer to Warhol [10 DVD]

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A scant few television series on art can be placed in the same group as the beloved 1000 Meisterwerke series. In a unique new collection, 50 of the popular 1000 Meisterwerke shorts are gathered into a 10 DVD set surveying the history of art from Dürer to Warhol. Through the work of renowned authors and scholars many layers of meaning are exposed and explored to grant fascinating insights into the world of the artist.


World of Art History
Films by Reiner E. Moritz

Italian Renaissance
Renaissance North of the Alps
German Romanticism
Cubism and Futurism
German Expressionism
Abstract Expressionism
American Painting of the 1950’s and 60’s

Renowned authors will take an up close and personal look at various masterpieces—from Dürer to Warhol—the result are ten information-packed and entertaining minutes, respectively. What does this work of art convey? What was the intention of the painter? What is the context of the work, relative to the period in which it originated? Layer by layer, levels of meaning will be exposed, experience of context rendered tangible, and breakdowns made clear. The thus decrypted work will grant both a fascinating insight into the world of the artist and into his time.
Submitted on 07/23/12 by bj 
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