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The Berlin Kroll Opera House - The Middle of Germany, A documentary film by Jorg Moser-Metius [DVD]

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Founded in 1844 as an "exclusive amusement establishment," the Kroll opera has left deep traces in the history of Germany. This documentary by Jörg Moser-Metius illustrates the eventful history of the opera house, capturing the architectural, political, and social developments centering around this cornerstone where "German history became manifest."

Notes & Reviews:

Run Time: 59 min.
Region: 0
Picture Format: NTSC, 4:3, B&W
Sound Format(s): Mono,


Interesting documentary on the Kroll Opera House
This DVD is about the famous Berlin Kroll Opera House a building no longer in existence that nevertheless left its mark in the history of Germany. The documentary covers the founding of the opera house, concentrates on the time during the years that Adolf Hitler was in power, and continues on through until 1990 when there are no traces left of the building. A great deal of historical footage is present, the most powerful being that of Hitler when the structure was an alternative seat of the Reichstag. A number of interviews from people and performers that were in the opera house enhance the documentary, but overall the piece as a whole is primarily of historical interest rather than feeling as if it was telling the story of a vital piece of musical history.

The program is well presented, and if you like such documentaries then you will definitely enjoy this one. But if you are looking for something with more of a musical focus then the fact that this was a famous opera house, then it might not be quite what you are looking for.

Submitted on 06/10/13 by KlingonOpera 
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