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Jinananda: The Middle Way: The Story of Buddhism [Audio Book]

Track List

>Birth of the Buddha, The
>Training of Siddartha Gautama, The
>Legend of the Four Sights: An Old Man/An Ill Man/A Dead Man/A ..., The
>Decision and the Departure, The
>Siddartha's First Teacher - Alara Kalama and Udraka Ramaputra
>Declaration of Intent, A
>Night of the Enlightenment, The
>Implications of His Awakening, The
>To Varanasi to Turn the Wheel of the Dharma
>Forty-Five Years of Teaching
>Tales of Kisa Gotami, Angulimala and Devadatta, The
>Death and the Parinirvana
>Final Moments: Impermanent Are All Compounded THNGS. With Mindfulness,, The
>Dharma - The Teaching of the Buddha, The
>Thus Have I Heard
>Direct Experience, A
>Pratitya Samutpada - Dependent Origination the Core Teaching of ...
>Conditionality - A Process Without Beginning or End
>Middle Way, The
>Four Noble Truths, The
>First Noble Truth - Suffering, The
>Second Noble Truth - The Origin of Suffering Is Craving, The
>Wheel of Life - A Mirror of Craving and Ignorance, The
>At the Centre - A Cock, A Pig and a Snake
>Rise and Fall - Karma and Rebirth, The
>Six Realms of Existence, The
>Outer Rim of the Wheel, The
>Third Noble Truth - The Cessation of Suffering - The End of Craving, The
>Fourth Noble Truth - The Noble Eight-Fold Path, The
>Eight Limbs of the Noble Eight-Fold Path, The
>Morality or Ethics
>Growth of the Dharma After the Buddha, The
>Sangha, The
>Dharma as a Raft - Designed Differently by Different Cultures, The
>Spiritual Friendship of the Sangha, The
>Vinaya, The Rule of the Monks, The
>Development of Schools - The Theravada, The
>Development of Images of the Buddha, The
>Growth of the Mahayana - The Great Vehicle:, The (I) A Deeper Relevance ...
>(II) The Bodhisattva Ideal
>(III) Skilful Means - Art
>Skilful Means - The Sutras: The Written Word
>Perfection of Wisdom Sutras - The Diamond Sutra, The
>Heart Sutra, The
>Madhyamika School, The
>Yogacara School, The
>Tantric Buddhism or the Vajrayana (Diamond Vehicle)
>Tantra in Tibet - The Three "Esoteric" Versions of the Three ..., The
>(II) The Dharma - The Yidam, A Visualised Symbol of a Tantric ...
>(III) The Sangha - The Dakini
>11th Century Tibetan Yogi and Poet, Milarepa and His Teacher Marpa, The
>Buddhism in China and Japan - The Pure Land/Jodo Shinshu and Cha'an or
>Buddhism in the West

Album Notes

Liner Note Author: Jinananda.

Author: Jinananda.

Readers: Heathcote Williams; David Timson; Anton Lesser.


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