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Various Artists: Seven Ages: An Anthology of Poetry with Music

Track List

>Autumn /Capella Istropiltana - Stephen Gunzenhauser
>Seven Ages - Ian McKellen
>Fancy, A
>Infant - Ian McKellen
>Baby Song - Catherine McCormack
>Victory - Richard Jackson
>Surgeons - Gayle Hunnicutt
>Fancy - Mark Rylance
>Guppy - Prunella Scales
>Quangle Wangle's Hat - Connie Booth
>I Remember, I Remember - Ralph Fiennes
>Fairies, The - Juliet Stevenson
>Parental Ode, A - Ralph Fiennes
>My Shadow - Stella Gonet
>Owl and the Pussy Cat, The - John Cleese
>Sneezles - Andrew Sachs
>Walrus and the Carpenter, The - Joss Ackland w/ Peter Bayliss
>Jellyfish - Leo Sayer
>Donkey, The - Emma Fielding
>Common Cormorant, The - Andrew Sachs
>Where Go the Boats - Stella Gonet
>Crab - Leo Sayer
>End, The - Catherine McCormack
>Midsummer Nights Dream (Uphill Down Dale) - London Symphony Orchestra/Barry Wordsworth
>School - Ian McKellen
>To Any Reader - John Sessions
>Under Milk Wood - Ioan Gruffudd
>Collier, The - Ioan Gruffudd
>Sick - Catherine McCormack
>Boring - John Cleese
>From Barefoot Boy - Jenny Agutter
>Full Fathom Five - Glenda Jackson (Tempest Remix by Client)
>Rosa Mystica - Michael Williams
>Smuggler's Song, A - Michael Caine
>Walking Away - Timothy West
>Tarantella - Terence Stamp
>Macavity - David Suchet
>If - Michael Caine
>This Above All - Michael Maloney
>M. George Whitehead and His Almand
>Lover - Ian McKellen
>Arrow and the Song, The
>They Who Are Near to Me - Art Malik
>First Day - Felicity Kendal
>Song of Torrismond - Janet Suzman
>My Delight and Thy Delight - Ralph Fiennes
>Sonnet 43 - Hannah Gordon
>Virginity, The - Terence Stamp
>Longest Journey - Samuel West
>We Have Known Treasure - Charles Dance
>Sonnet 138 - Robert Lindsay
>Echo - Dame Glan Jackson
>Delusions I Did Cherish - Art Malik
>Sonnet 18 - Glenda Jackson
>When I Was One-And-Twenty - Pete Postlethwaite
>Mermaid, The - Juliet Stevenson
>Upon the Nipples of Julia's Breast - Terence Stamp
>My Love Is Like a Red, Red Rose - John Sessions
>Sonnet 116 - Robert Lindsay
>New Year's Eve - Michael Maloney
>Green - Michael Maloney
>Thing of Beauty Is a Joy Forever/Semper Dowland/Semper Dolens, A - Mark Rylance
>[Untitled Track]
>Soldier's Tale, A
>Soldier - Ian McKellen
>Prologue - Mark Rylance
>Into Battle - Juliet Stevenson
>Irish Airman Foresees His Death, An - William Houston
>Once to Every Man and Nation - Judi Dench
>Whatever You Say, Say Nothing - William Houston
>In Flanders Fields - Robert M. Powell
>Perhaps - Judi Dench
>Anthem for Doomed Youth - Robert M. Powell
>Dulce at Decorum Est
>Pluck - Felicity Kendal
>In Memory of W.B. Yeats - Art Malik
>Alamein, El
>Handbag - Prunella Scales
>Salvage Song - Michael Maloney/Prunella Scales
>England - Michael Caine
>Dover Beach - Michael Williams
>Written With a Pencil in a Sealed Wagon - Janet Suzman
>No Man Is an Island - Ed Bishop
>Fantasia - Shirley Rumsey
>Wisdom - Ian McKellen
>Quality of Mercy, The - Ralph Fiennes
>What Is Good - Judi Dench
>Leaves of Grass - Art Malik
>Addendum to the Ten Commandments - Michael Caine
>Student, A - Emma Fielding
>Abou Ben Adhem - Robert M. Powell
>Song of Hiawatha - Clarke Peters
>My Heart Leaps Up - Robert Hardy
>Auguries of Innocence - Timothy West
>Tyger, The - Timothy West
>Of All Souls That Stand Create - Gayle Hunnicutt
>Chorus of Spirits - Prunella Scales
>Kubla Khan - Pete Postlethwaite
>Man's a Man for A' That - John Sessions
>Road Not Taken, The - John Cleese
>Bleed'n' Sparrer, The - Michael Caine
>King of Denmark's Galiard, The
>Sixth Age - Ian McKellen
>Politics - Michael Caine
>Peekaboo, I Almost See You - David Suchet
>Samson Agonistes - David Suchet
>Sea Fever - Terence Stamp
>Exultation - Gayle Hunnicutt
>We Have Been Here Before - Charles Dance
>Upon Westminster Bridge - Robert Hardy
>Song of a Young Lady to Her Ancient Lover, A - Janet Suzman
>John Anderson, My Jo - Stella Gonet
>In Praise of Cocoa, Cupid's Nightcap - Emma Fielding
>Way Through the Woods, The - Art Malik
>From Uphill/Midsummer Night's Dream
>Last Scene - Ian McKellen
>Do Not Go Gentle into That Good Night - Ioan Gruffudd
>Song - Jenny Agutter
>Code Poem for the French Resistance - Ralph Fiennes
>This World Is Not Conclusion - Gayle Hunnicutt
>Requiem - John Sessions
>Sleeping at Last - Judi Dench
>Fear No More from Cymbeline - Ian McKellen
>Evolution/Autumn (Reprise) - Mark Rylance
>[Untitled Track]

Album Notes

Personnel: Shirley Rumsey , Jacob Heringman (lute).

Liner Note Authors: Rosa Monkton; David Owen ; William Shakespeare ; Sean Murphy.

Recording information: EMI Abbey Road Studios, London, England.

Director: Sean Murphy.

Photographer: Tim Graham.

Unknown Contributor Roles: Mark Rylance; Glenda Jackson; Ian McKellen ; Stella Gonet; Robert Hardy; Gayle Hunnicutt; Johnathan Cape; Sheldon Vidibor; Connie Booth; Emma Fielding; Pete Postlethwaite; Felicity Kendal; Michael Maloney; Curtis Brown; Catherine McCormack; Michael Williams; Janet Suzman; Terence Stamp; Charles Dance; Ruth Fainlight; Art Malik; Henry Holt; Andrew Sachs; Ed Bishop; Samuel West; Hannah Gordon; A.P. Watt; Timothy West; John Sessions; Clarke Peters; Harper Collins; Joss Ackland w/ Peter Bayliss; Michael Caine; David Suchet; Prunella Scales; Jenny Agutter; John Cleese; Judi Dench; Juliet Stevenson; Leo Sayer; Paul Berry; Ralph Fiennes; Robert Lindsay.


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