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Spanish Classics - Guridi: El Caserío / Mena, Bilbao SO

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> El caserio - Act I: Prelude
> El caserio - Act I: Cuando sale el sol (As the sun rises) (Chorus)
> El caserio - Act I: Nochesita de estrellas (Lovely starlight night) (Chorus)
> El caserio - Act I: Buenos dias (Hello) (Ana Mari, Jose Miguel)
> El caserio - Act I: Con el trebole y el toronjil (With clover and lemon balm) (Chomin, Manu, Don Jesusito, Jose Miguel)
> El caserio - Act I: Romance: Sasibill, mi caserio (Sasibill my homestead) (Santi)
> El caserio - Act I: Finale: Acudiros y llegaros (Come along and join us) (Chomin, Eustasia, Santi, Ana Mari...)
> El caserio - Act II: Prelude
> El caserio - Act II: Pello Joshepe [Popular Basque Song] (Chorus)
> El caserio - Act II: Romance: Yo no se que veo en Ana Mari (I know not what I see in Ana Mari) (Jose Miguel)
> El caserio - Act II: Procession: Reina del cielo hermosa (Fair Queen of Heaven) (Chorus)
> El caserio - Act II: Espatadantza (Sword Dance)
> El caserio - Act II: Con alegria inmensa tu resolucion (With great joy, Ana Mari, I hear your decision) (Ana Mari, Santi, Chomin)
> El caserio - Act II: Chiquito de Arrigorri (Young Man of Arrigorri) (Jose Miguel, Chomin)
> El caserio - Act II: Finale: Basta ya de bailes y de boberias! (That's enough of dancing and fooling!) (Jose Miguel, Santi, Ana Mari...)
> El caserio - Act III: Prelude and Chorus: Mientras llueve sin cesar (While the rain continues to fall)
> El caserio - Act III: Relato de Ana Mari: En la cumbre del monte (Ana Mari's story: On the mountain peak)
> El caserio - Act III: Mientras llueve sin cesar / While the rain continues to fall (Chorus)
> El caserio - Act III: Cuando hay algo que haser no se debe dudar (When there’s something to be done don't hesitate) (Inosensia, Chomin)
> El caserio - Act III: Finale: Sasibill, mi caserio (Sasibill my home) (Santi, Jose Miguel, Ana Mari, Chorus)

Album Summary

>Guridi, Jesús : El Caserio, zarzuela
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Notes & Reviews:

Jesus Guridi is regarded not only as one of the twentieth century's foremost exponents of Basque nationalism in music but as one of Spain's greatest operatic and orchestral composers. His three-act zarzuela, 'El Caserio,' his best-known stage work, is a love story set in an imaginary Basque village, Arrigorri. Drawing on Basque folk songs and dance rhythms, as well as original melodies, the work is composed in the classic zarzuela structure of distinct consecutive numbers, comprising tender romances, sophisticated ensembles, dramatic choruses and delectably orchestrated instrumental interludes.


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Works Details

>Jesús Guridi (1886 - 1961) : El Caserio, zarzuela
  • Performers: Ana Rodrigo (Soprano); Fernando Latorre (Tenor); Felipe Nieto (Tenor); Vicente Sardinero (Voice); Maria Suarez (Voice); Emilio Sanchez (Tenor)
  • Notes: Conservatorio Jesús Guridi, Vitoria-Gasteiz, Alava, Spain (08/20/2001-08/23/2001)
  • Running Time: 1 min. 22 sec.
  • Period Time: Modern
  • Form: Opera/Operetta
  • Written: 1926