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Schoenberg: Moses und Aron / Kluttig, Schöne, Merritt, et al

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> Moses und Aron - Act I Interlude: Wo ist Moses?...Wo ist der Fuhrer?...(Where is Moses?...Where is the leader?...) (Chorus)
> Moses und Aron - Act II Scene 1: Vierzig Tage!...liegen wir nun schon hier! (Forty Days!...we are still waiting here!) (Seventy Elders, Priest, Aaron)
> Moses und Aron - Act II Scene 2: Wo ist Moses?... (Where is Moses?...) (Chorus, Seventy Elders, Aaron)
> Moses und Aron - Act II Scene 3: Diese Bild bezeugt dass in allem was ist...(This image is witness that in all that is...) (Aaron, Invalid Woman, Beggars...)
> Moses und Aron - Act II Scene 3: Frei unter eigenen Herren (Free, under their own masters) (Ephraimite, Tribal Leaders, Youth, Seventy Elders)
> Moses und Aron - Act II Scene 3: Du goldener Gott... (You golden god...) (Girl, Naked Virgins, Seventy Elders, Naked Youth, Chorus)
> Moses und Aron - Act II Scene 4: Vergeh, du Abbild des Unvermogens... (Away, you image of impotence...) (Moses, Chorus)
> Moses und Aron - Act II Scene 5: Aron, was hast du getan?...Nicht Neues! (Aaron, what have you done?...Nothing new!) (Moses, Aaron, Chorus)

Album Summary

>Schoenberg, Arnold : Moses und Aron, biblical drama in 3 acts (unfinished)
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Notes & Reviews:

In 1921 Arnold Schoenberg was forced to leave his holiday home in Austria because of the rising tide of anti-Semitism in Europe. This experience caused him to re-evaluate his Jewish identity, and was eventually to lead to the composition of his "fragmentary masterpiece" 'Moses und Aron'. The opera draws its figures and motifs from the Book of Exodus, and the conflict between the beliefs of the two central characters is reflected in the music. Schoenberg died six years before its premiere, but he regarded 'Moses und Aron' as his most important work.


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Works Details

>Schoenberg, Arnold : Moses und Aron, biblical drama in 3 acts (unfinished)
  • Performers: Chris Vocal] (Tenor); Sasa Vrabac (Bass); Michael Ebbecke (Baritone); Irena Bespalovaite (Soprano); Ilona Wirgler (Voice); Barbara Kosviner (Voice); Alois Riedel (Tenor); Ingrid Zielosko (Voice); Naomi Ishizu (Voice); Wolfgang Schöne (Bass); Ulrich Frisch (Bass); Siegfried Laukner (Voice); Karl-Friedrich Dürr (Voice); Peter Schaufelberger (Voice); Stephan Storck (Bass); Emma Curtis (Alto); Bernard Schneider (Voice); Helga Indrioadottir (Voice)
  • Conductor: Roland Kluttig
  • Ensemble: Stuttgart State Opera Chorus
  • Notes: Staatsoper Stuttgart, Stuttgart, Germany (12/08/2003/12/10/2003)
  • Running Time: 10 min. 2 sec.
  • Period Time: Post Romantic
  • Form: Opera/Operetta
  • Written: 05/1930-03/1932
  • Studio/Live: Live