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Cole Porter: It's De-Lovely!: The Music of Cole Porter

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> Red, Hot and Blue - Red, Hot and Blue: It's De-Lovely
> Anything Goes - Anything Goes: I get a kick out of you
> Red, Hot and Blue - Red, Hot and Blue: You do something to me
> Wake up and Dream - Wake up and Dream: What is this thing called love?
> The Gay Divorcee - The Gay Divorcee: Night and Day
> From Now On - Get out of Town - From this Moment On - Get Out of Town
> Fifty Million Frenchmen - Fifty Million Frenchmen: You've got that thing
> Rosalie - Rosalie: Rosalie - Who knows
> Jubilee - Jubilee: When love comes your way - Me and Marie
> Born to Dance - Born to Dance: Swingin' the Jinx Away
> Born to Dance - Born to Dance: Easy to Love -I've got you under my skin
> Anything Goes - Anything Goes: You're the top
> Du Barry was a Lady: Do I love you? - When love beckoned - Du Barry was a Lady: Do I love you? - When love beckoned
> Panama Hattie - Panama Hattie: Fresh as a daisy - Let's be Buddies - My mother would love you - I've still got my health
> Nymph Errant - Nymph Errant: How Could We Be Wrong? - The Physician - Experiment - Solomon
> Greenwich Village Follies of 1924 - Greenwich Village Follies of 1924: I'm in love again
> Greenwich Village Follies of 1924 - Greenwich Village Follies of 1924: I'm in love again
> Paris - Paris: Let's do it
> Hitchy-koo of 1919 - Hitchy-koo of 1919: Old-Fashioned Garden
> Bulldog - Bingo Eli Yale - Bulldog - Bingo Eli Yale

Track List

>It's De-Lovely
>I Get a Kick out of You
>You Do Something to Me
>What Is This Thing Called Love
>Night & Day
>From Now On/Get out of Town
>You've Got Something
>Rosalie/Who Knows
>When Love Comes Your Way/Me and Marie
>Swingin' the Jinx Away
>Easy to Love/I've Got You Under My Skin
>You're the Top
>Do I Love You/When Love Beckons
>Four Selections from "Panama Hattie": Fresh as a Daisy/Let's Be Buddies
>Four Selections from "Nymph Errant": How Could We Be Wrong?/The Physici
>I'm in Love Again
>I'm in Love Again
>Let's Do It
>Old-Fashioned Garden, An
>Yale Medley: Bull Dog/Bingo Eli Yale

Album Remarks & Appraisals:

There are extensive notes in the booklet of this CD telling about the life of Cole Porter, how he came to compose many of the individual songs, who introduced the songs and in what venue. There is also extensive information about the pianists themselves; names like Frank Campbell Milne, Adam Carroll, Victor Arden, Herbert Clair, Ferdinand "Ferde" Rudolph von Grofe, Marshall Moore Bartholomew, Paul Rickenbach and Edgar Fairchild.

Album Notes

Recording information: 1924-1940.

There are a lot of Cole Porter collections on the market. Pierian's 2008 release It's De-Lovely! The Music of Cole Porter is a somewhat unusual addition to the pack in that it consists of remastered and newly realized player piano roll arrangements of Cole Porter compositions. The original rolls, dating from the years 1920-1940, are credited to 11 different performers. Foremost among these, quantitatively at least, are Adam Carroll and Frank Milne, with Paul Whiteman's arranger and composer-in-his-own-right Ferde Grofe spooling one of this collection's two versions of "I'm in Love Again"; Marshall Bartholomew knocking up a medley of Porter's early Yale ditties and Robert Joyce receiving the "oldest roll" award with his 1920 interpretation of "An Old-Fashioned Garden" from the stage show Hitchy-Koo. Since there are no vocalists, listeners are free to obtain sheet music and howl along with these charming old parlor piano rolls. ~ arwulf arwulf


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