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Gary Smart: American Beauty: A Ragtime Bouquet

> The Ragtime Nightingale - The Ragtime Nightingale
> Laramie Rag - Laramie Rag
> Grace and Beauty - Grace and Beauty
> Two Flowers Rag - Two Flowers Rag
> American Beauty Rag - American Beauty Rag
> Cracker Rag - Cracker Rag
> Cataract Rag - Cataract Rag
> Peanut Butter Rag - Peanut Butter Rag
> Solace - Solace
> Soirees de Vienne - Soirees de Vienne
> Gladiolus Rag - Gladiolus Rag
> Sleepy Hollow Rag - Sleepy Hollow Rag
> Harlequin Rag - Harlequin Rag
> Bell Rag - Bell Rag

Track List

>Ragtime Nightingale, for piano
>Laramie Rag, for piano
>Grace and Beauty, for piano
>Two Flowers Rag, for piano
>American Beauty, for piano
>Cracker Rag, for piano
>Cataract Rag, for piano
>Peanut Butter Rag, for piano
>Solace: A Mexican Serenade, for piano
>Soirées de Vienne, ragtime rondo for piano
>Gladiolus Rag, for piano
>Sleepy Hollow Rag, for piano
>Harlequin Rag, for piano
>Bell Rag, for piano

Album Remarks & Appraisals:

The collection of classic and original rags offered by Gary Smart on this recording celebrates the lyrical side of this quintessentially American music. The ragtime genre is diverse, more so than the casual listener might think. There is the folk rag tradition, the brilliant, aggressive Eastern rag tradition, and the many interesting takes on ragtime composition that span the entire twentieth century from Artie Mathews to Charles Ives to William Albright and beyond. But Scott Joplin's classical musicality remains the source of Smart's inspiration. Joplin's marriage of a singing African-American rhythmic polyphony with the harmonic and textural structures of the European classical tradition is dazzling in its effectiveness and Mozartian in its elegance.


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