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Don Imus: 1200 Hamburgers to Go [PA]

Track List

>1200 Hamburgers to Go
>Reverend Billy Sol Hargis
>Rent-A-Car Phone Call
>Imus in Washington
>Tyde Dyed Diaper Service Phone Call
>Columbus School of 101 Show Biz Careers Live Auditions
>Silver Bullet Phone Call
>Judge Hanging
>Clark Kent Phone Call
>Crazy Bob 'Little Red Riding Hood'
>Brother Love
>Tricky Dick's Sensational Used Card

Album Notes

Like his one-time cohort and rival Howard Stern, Don Imus has always been a lightning rod for controversy. This compilation gives ample evidence of how he does it, capturing the I-Man and his Texas drawl in 1997, well into his third decade in the radio shock-jock game. Featuring a hearty mix of political commentary (his trademark) and sly, guttural silliness, the disc features Imus and his compatriots skewering celebrities of the time, always dangling just at the edge of inappropriate.


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