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Negativland: Thigmotactic

Track List

>Richard Nixon Died Today
>Lying on the Grass
>Extra Sharp Pencils
>It's Not a Critique
>Basketball Plant
>Two Light Bulbs Flickering
>By Truck
>Jack Pastrami (Flower Bum)
>Influential You
>Virginia's Trip
>Steak on a Whim
>Pork in the Store
>Perfect Little Cookies
>Kind of Grumpy
>Your Skin Is Gelatin
>Omnipotent Struggle
>Rancho Pancho

Album Notes

Personnel: Mark Hosler (vocals, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, slide guitar, harp, piano, keyboards, acoustic bass, cymbals, glass, hand claps, percussion, bells, background vocals); Bob Basanich (vocals, keyboards, bass guitar, percussion, background vocals); Thomas Dimuzio (trumpet, piano, electric piano, Clavinet, organ, synthesizer, bass synthesizer, string synthesizer, bass drum, snare drum, wood block, hand claps, percussion, drum programming, percussion programming, sound effects, background vocals); Mike Langlie (toy piano); Byram Abbott (drums); Richard Lyons (tapes, background vocals).

Recording information: Gench Studios, San Francisco, CA; President Donny's Audio Dirt Pile, Oakland, CA; Sonoran Desert; The Welping Room, Olympia, WA.

Author: Chris Floyd .

Photographers: Mark Hosler; Steve Mann.

Arrangers: Bob Basanich; Thomas Dimuzio.

Years before the art of musical appropriation was made commonplace by remix and mash-up artists, self-styled "Culture Jammers," Negativland, pioneered the use of mass-media cut-ups with jam-packed audio collages that sharply critiqued consumer culture. In a surprising but no less revolutionary turn, THIGMOTACTIC is the group's first full-scale foray into songwriting. Transcribing their pointed attacks on intellectual property law and the banality of suburbia into humorous, slightly zany observations on modern life, THIGMOTACTIC is easily the band's most straightforward and enjoyable album.


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