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Bird Show: Bird Show [Digipak]

Track List

>Two Organs and Dumbek
>Clouds and Their Shadows
>Synthesizer Solo
>Mbira, Harp and Voice
>Green Vines
>Percussion and Voice
>Pan Pipe Ensemble and Voice
>Wood Flute, Berimbau, Mbira and Voice

Album Remarks & Appraisals:

Written and performed by Ben Vida with Gregg Davis, Robert Lowe and Michael Zerang, recorded in Chicago, IL and Burlington, VT 2007-08. Ben Vida handles quite a few instruments on his own on this jaw-dropping release; Hammond XB-2, microKorg, Moog Voyager, Gibson SG, Berinbau, Shona Mbira, Slit Drum, Pan Pipes, Shakers, Vietnamese Jaw Harp, Tambourines, Ride Cymbal, Congas, Wood Flute, Ring Modulator, Elephant Bells, Violin, Qraqeb, Zither, Voice, Ten String Harp, Frame Drum, Finger Cymbals, Triangle and probably more!

Album Reviews:

The Wire (p.45) - "Vida raids disparate continents and cultures -- snatching the berimbau from Brazil, the mbira from Zimbabwe -- and throws his spoils into the mix to create a post-colonial, pan-global folk music."

Album Notes

Multi-instrumentalist Ben Vida has been crafting painstakingly minimal experimental music with outfits like Central Falls and Town and Country for the better part of a decade. This, his third release under the moniker Bird Show, provides a sharp contrast to the bare-bones aesthetic of much of his previous output, featuring lush psychedelic textures, chanted vocals, and an impressive array of unorthodox instruments such as marimbas and pan flutes.


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