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Various Artists: Crank It Up! The Ultimate Crank Call Compilation

Track List

>First Call - Tube Bar
>Can I Speak To Al? - Tube Bar
>Piano Tuner - Frank Rizzo/The Jerky Boys
>Driving School Healer - Musacha Tapes/Big Ant
>Is Phil There? - Tube Bar
>Let Me Spaeak To Al - Tube Bar
>Hurt At Work - Sol Rosenberg/The Jerky Boys
>Car Salesman - Frank Rizzo/The Jerky Boys
>Joe There? - Tube Bar
>Is Ben There? - Tube Bar
>Sol's Glasses - Sol Rosenberg/The Jerky Boys
>Mother Fu**er - Musacha Tapes/Lionel
>Your Sister - Tube Bar
>Sol's Nude Beach - Sol Rosenberg/The Jerky Boys
>Diamond Dealer - Frank Rizzo/The Jerky Boys
>Husband There? - Tube Bar
>Come Down Here - Tube Bar
>Defective Dog - Tube Bar
>Unemployed Painter - Mike Derucki/The Jerky Boys
>Is Stu There? - Tube Bar
>Lemme Speak To Phil - Tube Bar
>Fava Beans - Frank Rizzo/The Jerky Boys
>Glassblower - Musacha Tapes/Big Ant
>Can I Speak To Ben? - Tube Bar
>Can I Speak To Jim? - Tube Bar
>Roofing - Frank Rizzo/The Jerky Boys
>Fanning My Balls - Musacha Tapes/Lionel
>Where's My Father? - Tube Bar
>SOB - Tube Bar
>Cremation Services - Frank Rizzo/The Jerky Boys
>Chinese Laundry - Musacha Tapes/Big Ant
>Your Mother - Tube Bar
>Face To Face - Tube Bar
>Sol's Warts - Sol Rosenberg/The Jerky Boys
>Tile Job - Musacha Tapes/Big Ant
>Gay Model, The - The Gay Model/The Jerky Boys
>Language Center - Musacha Tapes/Lionel
>Who Are You? - Tube Bar
>Can I Speak To Mike? - Tube Bar

Album Notes

CRANK IT UP! will be the perfect gift for 13-year-olds until the end of civilization. The three crank call acts collected on this disc have become part of the public lexicon since their humble beginnings as underground traded tapes. Several vintage gags such as "Sol's Glasses" represent the Jerky Boys, arguably the most famous crank-call team in history. Also included are the mid-1970s Tube Bar tapes. Any fan of the Simpsons will recognize the calls to Tube Bar, as Matt Groening lifted the names ("Al Coholic") for Bart's calls to ever-suffering barkeep Moe Szylack.


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