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>Savall, Jordi : Jerusalem, City of Two Peaces
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Jerusalem is simultaneously a Jewish, Arab and Christian city - a city of pilgrimage, exile and refuge. The project, the result of many years of fastidious research by Savall and Israeli musician Yair Dalal, aims to present many aspects of this city through the musical traditions of all three monotheistic religions. By bringing together the music of these seemingly disparate cultures without blurring their boundaries, Savall and Dalal demonstrate that they are in fact intimately related. This amazing two super-audio CD set is accompanied by a 400 page multi-language book that features discussions about the history, cultural background and other aspects of the musical selections.

This lavish set documents a once-in-a lifetime concert dedicated to Jerusalem, with Jewish, Arab and Christian musicians boldly threading together musical traditions under the direction of Jordi Savall, the world's leading early music performer. Comprising two hybrid Super Audio CDs in a 400 page full-sized glossy hardback book.

"Jerusalem may not bring world peace any closer, but you'll never read the Gaza headlines in quite the same way again." -The Times

"Using a kaleidoscopic blend of musicians, Savall takes the listener on a pilgrimage through time and space. The emphasis on slow-burning chants creates a sense of claustrophobia at times, but the sheer ambition of the project is little short of breathtaking." -Sunday Times

"... that Sarajevan chant lies at the wounded heart of this whole brilliant enterprise. Sung with just the faintest hint of vibrato by Montserrat Figueras, it segues into a haunting Palestinian lament by Mufawak Shahin Khalil, which is followed by an Armenian lament by Razmik Amyan, after which we hear the awe-inspiring cadences of Auschwitz survivor Shlomo Katz. Recorded in 1950, this chant for the victims of Nazism has no whiff of vengefulness: like the whole of this majestic interfaith enterprise, it is quite simply an affirmation of humanity." -BBC Music Magazine *****

"A lot of care has been taken in the historical shape, the repertoire and the artists - it's a territory where early music and world music meet to create beautiful and powerful performances." -Evening Standard


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>Savall, Jordi : Jerusalem, City of Two Peaces :: Heavenly Peace and Earthly Peace, for voices & ensembles
  • Performers: Kahled Ali (Voice); Usama Ali (Duduk); Usama Ali (Flute); Usama Ali (Ney); Fahmi Alqhai (Vielle); Razmik Amyan (Voice); Khaled Arman (Rebab); Wabab Badarne (Zither); Omar Bashir (Oud); Béatrice Belpierre (Bombard); Daniele Carnovich (Bass); Francesca Cassinari (Soprano); Dvir Cohen (Voice); Yair Dalal (Oud); Driss El Maloumi (Oud); Lior Elmalich (Voice); Pedro Estevan (Bells); Pedro Estevan (Percussion); Montserrat Figueras (Soprano); Francesc Garrigosa (Tenor); Michaël Grébil (Lute); Pierre Hamon (Flute); Schlomo Katz (Voice); Muwafak Khalil (Voice); Marc Mauillon (Cantor); Marc Mauillon (Tenor); David Mayoral (Bells); Erez Mounk (Percussion); Gaguik Mouradian; Begona Olavide (Psaltery); Dimitris Psonis (Bells); Dimitris Psonis (Dulcimer); Dimitris Psonis (Morisca); Dimitris Psonis (Percussion); Arianna Savall (Harp); Jordi Savall (Lyre); Jordi Savall (Rebab); Jordi Savall (Vielle); Jordi Savall (Viola); Mutlu Torun (Oud); Marisa Vila (Voice); Luis Vilamajo (Voice)
  • Conductor: Jordi Savall
  • Ensemble: Al-Darwish
  • Running Time: 1 min. 32 sec.
  • Period Time: Contemporary
  • Written: 2007