Various Artists: The Sound of Wonder!

Track List

>Dama Dam Mast Qalandar - Muhammad Ashraf/Ahmed Rushdi
>Good News for You - Muhammad Ashraf/Nahid Akhtar
>Karye Pyar - Tafo/Nahid Akhtar
>Yeh Raat Jane Keya Keya - Kamal Ahmed/Noor Jehan
>Dilbar Dilbara - Muhammad Ashraf/Nahid Akhtar
>I Am Very Sorry - Kamal Ahmed/Noor Jehan
>Main Hoon Play Boy - Muhammad Ashraf
>Kad Ley Way - Tafo/Nahid Akhtar
>Na Main Chini Na Japani - Tafo/Nahid Akhtar
>Society Girl - Nazir Ali/Nahid Akhtar
>Ho Jeth Ji Aaj Main - Muhammad Ashraf/Nahid Akhtar
>Mera Mehbob Hai - Muhammad Ashraf/Nahid Akhtar
>Meri Marzi Main Gaoon Gi - Runa Laila/Nisar Bazmi
>Life Hai Kuch Dinon Ki - Muhammad Ashraf/Nahid Akhtar
>Pyar Ka Koee Shola - Muhammad Ashraf/Nahid Akhtar

Album Notes

Considering recent history, one doesn't much associate Pakistan with any sort of pop culture, especially not the sort of mix-and-match experimental film music so characteristic of India's Bollywood film industry. Well, there actually is (or was) a Lollywood, based out of Lahore, sporting its own resident composer genius. Bollywood had R.D. Burman and others, plus the incomprable singer Asha Bhole to grace countless soundtracks. This compilation of Lollywood film music during its '70s heyday features mostly mastermind M. Ashraf and his partner, Nahid Akhtar, the so-called Serge Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin of their time and place. Lovers of cheesy psychedelic Southeast Asian esoterica will have no trouble warming to these highly cinematic tracks liberally spiked with fuzz guitar, wha-whas, synths, tabla percussion, and other indigenous elements.


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