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Osho: Tao: The Three Treasures

Track List

>Vol. 1 Absolute Tao: On the Absolute Tao
>Vol. 1 Absolute Tao: Ordinariness
>Vol. 1 Absolute Tao: On the Character of Tao
>Vol. 1 Absolute Tao: Emptiness
>Vol. 1 Absolute Tao: On the Danger of Overweening Success
>Vol. 1 Absolute Tao: There Is No Meaning
>Vol. 1 Absolute Tao: On the Utility of Not-Being
>Vol. 1 Absolute Tao: Witnessing
>Vol. 1 Absolute Tao: On the Wise Ones of Old
>Vol. 1 Absolute Tao: Wisdom and Understanding
>Vol. 2 Living Tao: On Knowing the Eternal Law
>Vol. 2 Living Tao: Choice and Choicelessness
>Vol. 2 Living Tao: On the Futility of Contention
>Vol. 2 Living Tao: Buddhas and Fools
>Vol. 2 Living Tao: On the Qualities of the Taoist
>Vol. 2 Living Tao: Discipline and Control
>Vol. 2 Living Tao: On the Softest Substance
>Vol. 2 Living Tao: In Existence There Is No Question
>Vol. 2 Living Tao: On Calm and Quietude
>Vol. 2 Living Tao: Every Buddha Enriches the Universe
>Vol. 3 Undone Tao: Pursuit of Knowledge
>Vol. 3 Undone Tao: Don't Do Nothing!
>Vol. 3 Undone Tao: Conquering the World by Inaction
>Vol. 3 Undone Tao: Boy! Did We Shake That Thing!
>Vol. 3 Undone Tao: Beyond Honor and Disgrace
>Vol. 3 Undone Tao: I Will Never Leave You
>Vol. 3 Undone Tao: Difficult and Easy
>Vol. 3 Undone Tao: This Is the Queen; Cleopatra
>Vol. 3 Undone Tao: Beginning and End
>Vol. 3 Undone Tao: What Next?
>Vol. 4 Talking Tao: Never Be the First in the World
>Vol. 4 Talking Tao: Bring the Other Two Buddhas Also!
>Vol. 4 Talking Tao: They Know Me Not
>Vol. 4 Talking Tao: What Type of Heaven Is This?
>Vol. 4 Talking Tao: Sickmindedness
>Vol. 4 Talking Tao: This Is the Whole World I Have
>Vol. 4 Talking Tao: Hard and Soft
>Vol. 4 Talking Tao: It Is Just a Joke
>Vol. 4 Talking Tao: Nothing Weaker Than Water

Album Notes

Author: Lao Tse.


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