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Original Soundtrack: Nascimbene: The Vikings; Solomon and Sheba (Original Soundtracks)

Track List

>Vikings, film score: Violences and Rapes of the Vikings, The (Violenze Stupri Dei Vichinghi)
>Vikings, film score: Regnar Returns, The (Ritorno Di Regnar)
>Vikings, film score: Drunk's Song/Eric Is Rescued by Odin's Daughters/Morgana Is Captured, The (C
>Vikings, film score: Dancing the Oars, The (Danza Sui Remi)
>Vikings, film score: Eric and Morgana Escape/Love Scene, The (Fuga Di Eric E Morgana/Scena d'Amor
>Vikings, film score: Aella Cuts off Eric's Hand, The (Aella Taglia la Mano Ad Eric)
>Vikings, film score: Voyage and Landing in Britain, The (Viaggio Die Vichinghi E Sbarco in Inghil
>Vikings, film score: Vikings Attack the Castle/Battle and Death of Aella, The (I Vichinghi Attacc
>Vikings, film score: Duel/Eric Kills Einar, The (Duello/Eric Uccide Einar
>Vikings, film score: Funeral/End Titles, The (Funerale/Titoli Di Coda)
>Solomon and Sheba, film score: Main Titles (Titoli Di Testa)
>Solomon and Sheba, film score: Death of David (Morte Di Davide)
>Solomon and Sheba, film score: Solomon in the Temple (Salomone Nel Tempio)
>Solomon and Sheba, film score: Orgiastic Dance (Danza Orgiastica)
>Solomon and Sheba, film score: Death of Abishag (Morte Di Abishag)
>Solomon and Sheba, film score: Battle (Battaglia)
>Solomon and Sheba, film score: Solomon Lifts Sheba (Salomone Solleva Sheba)
>Solomon and Sheba, film score: Purification and Finale (Purificazione E Finale)


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