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Anjelah Johnson: That's How We Do It!

Track List

>What's Up Houston?
>My Name
>Growing Up Poor
>Married Couples
>Nosey Sister
>Sneak into a Club
>Oakland Raiders
>Nail Salon
>Blue Shirt
>Head Nod
>Big Butt
>That's How We Do It
>Kill 'Em with Kindness
>Hollywood Homeless
>New Car
>Southwest Airlines
>Beat Freaks Intro
>Family Oriented
>Fortune Cookie
>Dating Habits
>Christian Rap
>Talking to Married Couple
>Meet Tia Mary

Album Remarks & Appraisals:

Anjelah Johnson made a huge splash with one of the most successful, viral comedy videos of all time, "Nail Salon." This was one of the most-viewed YouTube and Google videos of 2007, and propelled Anjelah to new heights of touring, television and beyond. Anjelah has a devoted following in comedy clubs, online communities, colleges and churches everywhere. You've seen Anjelah in multiple ads and commercials, including campaigns for Sprint, Visa, Snickers, Verizon, All-State, Washington Mutual, K-Swiss, and Dryers Ice Cream. As well, Anjelah has guest starred on The Shield and Love Inc., and co-starred with Gabrielle Union in the feature film The Box. Anjelah recurred on FOX's long running hit sketch series MADtv, proud to be one of the first Latina comedians to be invited to join a sketch comedy series. Her MADtv performance as Bon Qui Qui has been a viral hit on YouTube with over 16 million views.

Album Notes

After a brief stint on MADtv plus a set of popular YouTube videos, comedian, actress, and former cheerleader Anjelah Johnson earned a loyal following thanks mostly to two of her characters, Bon Qui Qui the ghetto fabulous fast food employee plus Tammy the shifty nail salon employee. Both are here on her very funny debut album, and while Johnson doesn't flat-out introduce them, newcomers will know of their arrival thanks to the audience's overwhelming reaction. It's what they showed up to hear, but the comedian has plenty of material besides as she guides the crowd through her inner-city world of underage sneaking into R&B clubs and throwing your purse in the trees when muggers attack. There's plenty of charm in her laid-back yet sometimes saucy delivery, and she straddles being both a loyal churchgoer and a hood rat with ease, showing that the two lifestyles don't always have to be at odds. She does it all without curse words, too, although the many laughs here should be reserved for older teens and up, as the subject matter can get rather adult. ~ David Jeffries


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