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The Last Airbender [Soundtrack]

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>Howard, James Newton : The Last Airbender, film score
Performers Conductor Ensemble
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Personnel: Stuart Michael Thomas (programming).

Recording information: Streisand Scoring Stage, Sony Pictures Studios.

Director M. Night Shyamalan's The Last Airbender is based on the cartoon TV series Avatar: The Last Airbender, with the first word of the title presumably lopped off to avoid confusion with the 2009 blockbuster of that name. Shyamalan is known for his unsettling mystery films, which would seem to make this children's fantasy something of a change of pace for him. But James Newton Howard's extensive orchestral score suggests that it may not be as far in tone from the usual Shyamalan thriller than might be expected. Howard has been given full rein, employing a 119-member ensemble spread across a Hollywood scoring stage to play his full-bodied music. There's nothing particularly innovative about it, but the early cues (which, on the soundtrack album are unusually long, starting with the 11-minute "Airbender Suite") have a slow, ominous feel that wouldn't have been inappropriate to one of Shyamalan's creepy earlier movies. Martial action music, with lots of pummeling percussion, follows, and "The Blue Spirit" owes something to John Williams' theme for Darth Vader from Star Wars. Things come to a head with "The Spirit World," which seems to mark the dramatic climax of the picture, and the later music is calmer and sweeter, notably "We Are Now the Gods." Howard revs up a bit for the final track, "Flow Like Water," but the music never enters a really triumphant mood. The Last Airbender may have employed Star Wars creator George Lucas' Industrial Light & Magic special effects company, but Howard takes a more downcast tone with the music than Williams did with Star Wars, no doubt in keeping with Shyamalan's darker vision. ~ William Ruhlmann


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>Howard, James Newton : The Last Airbender, film score
  • Performers: Tom Boyd (Oboe); Bob Zimmitti (Percussion); Armen Ksajikian (Cello); Stuart Clark (Clarinet); Nina Evtuhov (Violin); Gina Coletti (Viola); Thomas Diener (Viola); Kenneth Yerke (Violin); Victoria Miskolczy (Viola); Michael Nowak (Viola); Dennis Karmazyn (Cello); David Duke (Horn); James Thatcher (Horn); Phillip Levy (Violin); Kenneth Munday (Bassoon); Donald Foster (Clarinet); Marlow Fisher (Viola); Paul Cohen (Cello); Chris Ermacoff (Cello); Marc Sazer (Violin); Steven Becknell (Horn); Luke Maurer (Viola); Tamara Hatwan (Violin); Dave Everson (Horn); David Speltz (Cello); Jon Lewis (Trumpet); Heather Clark (Flute); Michael O'Donovan (Bassoon); Sara Parkins (Violin); Malcolm McNabb (Trumpet); Brian O'Connor (Horn); Steven Gordon (Viola); Timothy Morrison (Trumpet); Kim Scholes (Cello); Cassandra Richburg (Viola); Ralph Williams (Clarinet); Andrew Malloy (Trombone); Jay Rosen (Violin); Jim Walker (Flute); Cecelia Tsan (Cello); Armen Anassan (Violin); Kevin Connolly (Violin); Lisa Sutton (Violin); Allen Savedoff (Bassoon); Michael Fisher (Percussion); Richard Todd (Horn); William Booth (Trombone); Jacqueline Brand (Violin); Robert Brophy (Viola); Roberto Cani (Violin); Antony Cooke (Cello); Rose Corrigan (Bassoon); Brian Dembow (Viola); Marcia Dickstein (Harp); Bruce Dukov (Violin); Stephen Erdody (Cello); Julie Gigante (Violin); Keith Greene (Viola); Jennie Hansen (Viola); Roland Kato (Viola); Natalie Leggett (Violin); Gayle Levant (Harp); Leslie Reed (Oboe); Geri Rotella (Flute); Jim Self (Tuba); Andrew Shulman (Cello); George Thatcher (Trombone); Sarah Thornblade (Violin); Dave Walther (Viola); Roger Wilkie (Violin); Peter Limonick (Percussion); Darius Campo (Violin); Josefina Vergara (Violin); Dimitrie Leivici (Violin); Miwako Watanabe (Violin); William Reichenbach (Trombone); Alma Fernandez (Viola); Darrin McCann (Viola); Rafael Rishik (Violin); Endre Granat (Violin); Tereza Stanislav (Violin); Denyse Buffum (Viola); Andrew Duckles (Viola); Haim Shtrum (Violin); Robert Berg (Viola); Barbara Northcutt (Oboe); Erika Duke-Kirkpatrick (Cello); Matthew Funes (Viola); Paula Hochhalter (Cello); Doug Tornquist (Tuba); Alan Estes (Percussion); Serena McKinney (Violin); Daniel Kelley (Horn); Irina Voloshina (Violin); Trevor Handy (Cello); Katia Popov (Violin); Shawn Mann (Viola); Timothy Landauer (Cello); Aimee Kreston (Violin); Searmi Park (Violin); Alan Grunfeld (Violin); Neil Samples (Violin); Jeanne Skrocki (Violin)
  • Conductor: Pete Anthony
  • Running Time: 64 min. 46 sec.
  • Period Time: Contemporary