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Doug Benson: Hypocritical Oaf [PA]

Track List

>Peanut Lady
>Track with the Stupid Fart Joke, The
>Breakfast Window
>Time to Go Fred Travalena on Your Asses
>Weak Back Problems
>Pot the Vote
>Sitting There in Your Own Filth
>Booty/Weedy Text
>Follow Me
>Too Trunk to Dweet
>Big Finish
>Doug Benson Comedy Central Presents Special

Album Notes

Recording information: Acme Comedy Co., Minneapolis, MN (04/20/2010).

Photographer: Robin von Swank.

Singing the praises of fast food breakfast sandwiches and trailing off whenever forgets where this is all going, Doug Benson remains the 21st Century's leading stoner comedian on Hypocritical Oaf, his very funny sophomore release. Anyone familiar with Benson's laid back, laugh out loud act will find no surprises here, and no let downs either as the man finds endless humor in looking at life through a bong haze. Breakfast sandwiches and Twitter are the main topics, but the comedian is highly skilled and can work a lot of sex talk and fart jokes into these topics, as if he was a rambling, baked comedy ninja being cheered on by an equally baked audience. Just like Cheech & Chong during their golden age, there are plenty of laughs for everyone, but if you can tell an Indica from a Sativa, he's definitely the man for you. Best one-liner of the album is a tie between "Marijuana helps me appreciate the smaller things in life, like my penis" and "As a pot smoker, it's difficult to date a stripper because I have trouble remembering both of her names." ~ David Jeffries


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