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Unstoppable [Original Soundtrack]

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>Gregson-Williams, Harry : Unstoppable, film score
Performers Composer
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Personnel: Anthony Lledo, Halli Cauthery (programming).

Recording information: The Newman Stage, Twentieth Century Fox.

Director Tony Scott's Unstoppable is an action thriller about a runaway train full of hazardous materials and the people who try to stop it from creating a disaster, and Harry Gregson-Williams' score naturally follows the contours of the editing, sometimes suggesting the concerns of the heroes (Denzel Washington and Chris Pine), sometimes accompanying the train on its headlong journey. To do so, Gregson-Williams employs a string orchestra consisting only of violins, violas, celli, and basses, which mostly content themselves to provide wistful, somewhat ominous figures in support of the real engines of the music, the synthesizer sounds dominated by pounding percussion. Within individual cues, Gregson-Williams often goes back and forth, for instance in "Are You In or Are You Out?," alternating between the rapid electronic beat sections and brief slow interludes of strings to conform to the film's cutting. The action lets up only with the final cue, "Who Do I Kiss First," underlying the end credits, by which time that unstoppable train finally must have been stopped. ~ William Ruhlmann


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Works Details

>Gregson-Williams, Harry : Unstoppable, film score
  • Performers: Marc Sazer (Violin); Harry Gregson-Williams (Piano); Matthew Funes (Viola); Tamara Hatwan (Violin); Cecelia Tsan (Cello); Jay Rosen (Violin); Hugh Marsh (Viola); Marlow Fisher (Viola); Julia Gigante (Violin); Kevin Connolly (Violin); Irina Voloshina (Violin); Roland Kato (Viola); Giovanna Clayton (Cello); Martin Tillman (Electric Cello); Antony Cooke (Cello); Pamela Goldsmith (Viola); Tony Morales (Guitars); Jacqueline Brand (Violin); Roberto Cani (Violin); Brian Dembow (Viola); Kim Scholes (Cello); Bruce Dukov (Violin); Shawn Mann (Viola); Nina Eutuhov (Violin); Lisa Sutton (Violin); Katia Popov (Violin); Pamela Jacobson (Viola); Heitor Pereira (Guitar); Victoria Miskolczy (Viola); Phillip Levy (Violin); Timothy Landauer (Cello); Erika Duke-Kirkpatrick (Cello); Ana Landauer (Violin); Trevor Handy (Cello); Searmi Park (Violin); Sarah Thornblade (Violin); Dave Walther (Viola); Shalini Vijayan (Violin); Dimitrie Leivici (Violin); Thomas Diener (Viola); Sara Parkins (Violin); Armen Ksajikian (Cello); Jennifer Kuhn (Cello); Natalie Leggett (Violin); Neil Samples (Violin); Roger Wilkie (Violin); Rafael Rishik (Violin); Darrin McCann (Viola); Christine Ermacoff (Cello); Andrew Shulman (Cello); Josefina Vergara (Violin); Michael Markman (Violin); Victor Lawrence (Cello); Jeanne Skrocki (Violin); Andrew Duckles (Viola); Endre Granat (Violin); Tereza Stanislav (Violin); Maria Newman (Viola); Denyse Buffum (Viola); Paula Hochhalter (Cello); Christina Soule (Cello); Keith Greene (Viola); Stephen Erdody (Cello); Serena McKinney (Violin); Jennie Hansen (Viola); Eun Ahn (Violin); Alyssa Park (Violin)
  • Running Time: 3 min. 32 sec.
  • Period Time: Contemporary
  • Form: Film Score