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William Bay/Mike Christiansen: Mastering the Guitar-Class Method: Level 1/Beginning: 9th Grade and Higher

Track List

>Boil That Cabbage
>Lightly Row
>Mozart's Theme
>Brother John
>Row, Row, Row Your Boat
>Rock-a-My Soul
>Tab Study/1st Sring/Tab Study/2nd String
>Minor Mood
>Tabbing Along
>Spanish Solo
>Song of Joy
>Au Clair de la Lune
>Where the Red Fern Grows
>E Studies #1-5
>E in 3/4 Time #1-3
>Hiking Up the Mountain
>Study #1
>Cruising Down the Empty Highway
>Start Picking Down and Up
>Play F, E-F, & E-F in 3/4 Time
>F Study #4
>F Study #5, E-F-E-F, F-E-F-E, & 8th Note Study
>Play G, E-G, F-G-, 3/4 Study, & F-F-G
>Double Notes
>Combining Notes
>8th Note Rhythm/Study #2
>Picking Study
>Time and Picking Study
>Speed Study
>B Study, B Study #2, B-E
>C Sudy, B-C-C-B, & 3/4 C-B
>Play D, D-B-C, & D-C-B
>Using All the Notes
>Three Fishermen
>Secret Garden
>Rock Feeling
>Drivin' Pick
>Speed Study
>Tie, The
>Sing Down the Moon
>Play G/Play A
>Separate Peace, A
>Wrinkle in Time, A
>Running the Strings
>Hobbit, The
>My Side of the Mountain
>Swamp Buggy
>Renaissance Dance
>Sourwood Mountain
>Oh, Sinner Man
>Shadow of the Bull
>Pg 38 #1-3
>Cuckoo, The
>Sweet Sunny South
>Full G, G7, and C Chords
>Will the Cirle Be Unbroken?
>Strum Patterns #1-3
>This Train
>This Little Light of Mine
>Amazing Grace
>Railroad Corral, The
>New Strum Pattern
>Simple Gifts
>Two More Strum Patterns in 4/4 Time
>Cruel War, The
>Strum Pattern #2
>Ain't Gonna Rain No More
>New Strum Pattern for 3/4 Time #1
>3/4 Strum Pattern #2
>Mañanitas/Morning Greetings, Las
>Midnight Special
>Scarborough Fair
>House of the Rising Sun
>Old Man and the Sea
>Play D
>Morning Song
>Cripple Creek
>Come wih Me My Giselle
>Spanish Nights
>Four-String Blues
>Number the Stars
>Parson's Farewell
>Na Pali COast
>Member of the Wedding
>And Then There Were None
>Watership Down
>Charlotte's Web
>Chord Study
>Molly Malone
>A7 and E7 Chord #1
>A7 and E7 Chord #2
>A7 and E7 Chord #3
>My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean
>Harvest Round
>B7 and Bm Chords #1
>B7 and Bm Chords #2
>B7 and Bm Chords #3
>Land of the Silver Birch
>Barbara Allen
>Summer of the Monkeys
>Classic Rock Boogie
>Play A/Play B
>Maniac Magee
>A String Study #1
>Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring
>Hungarian Dance #4
>Sally Gardens, The
>Si Cantemo
>Picking School, The
>Across Five Aprils
>Call the Ewes
>Cumberland Ridge
>Drivin' D
>16 G's
>Down Shift
>Play E/Play F
>E-F/Play G
>Low E Waltz
>Blow Away the Morning Dew
>A Study
>Blow, Ye Winds
>Early American Hymn
>Star of the Country Down
>C-Scale/Extended C Scale
>New Chords
>I Ride an Old Paint
>Pay Me My Money Down
>My Home Across the Smoky Mountains
>Peace Like a River
>Scotland's Burning
>America the Beautiful
>Walking Guitar
>French Carol
>Anitra's Dance Theme
>Far From Home
>Come, O Come Emmanuel, O
>Call of the Wild
>Johnny Has Gone for a Soldier
>Cay, The
>Russian Folk Song
>Shabat Shalom
>Blues Progression, The
>Blues Progression #2, The
>Blues Progression #3, The
>Baby Don't Love Me
>Power Chords
>Smithfield Boogie
>Good Mornin' Blues
>Benny's Flat
>Terk in America
>Bridge to Terabithia
>Syncopated Strum Pattern #1
>Syncopated Strum Pattern #2
>Syncopated Strum Pattern #3
>Oh, Sinner Man
>Blues Progression #1
>Blues Solo #1
>Blues Solo #2
>Pachelbel's Canon
>"F" Chord, The
>Cucaracha, La
>Comin' Through the Rye
>Alternating Bass #1
>Alternating Bass #2
>Alternating Bass #3
>Freight Train
>Railroad Bill
>Nine Pouond Hammer
>Alternating Bass For Time
>Silent Night
>Acres of Bluegrass
>Outsiders' Blues


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